Johnny Depp’s ‘Black Mass’ Drops 60 Percent At Box Office, Yet Depp Out Of Flop Rut

Johnny Depp has been winning praise from fans and film-goers since the opening of the latest film, in which he stars and portrays drug kingpin Whitey Bulger. Black Mass has been high on the discussion list for Oscar contenders, and Johnny Depp has been the focus to finally receive a best actor Academy Award.

After a strong opening weekend, the expectations would be that the film would continue to rake in the cash and experience hoards of Johnny fans and film buffs flooding the theater showings. However, the second weekend has thus far resulted in the opposite for Johnny’s latest, and has actually dropped in earnings by a whopping 60 percent. Forbes notes this in its latest outline of box office gains report for the past week.

“Johnny Depp’s Black Mass dropped a significant 60% on its second Friday, earning $3.5 million on its second Friday.That’s not bad, but it doesn’t scream Oscar frontrunner either although Johnny Depp is still in the running for the moment.”

Even though Maze Runner was not as popular as its predecessor on its opening weekend, the sequel still managed to flatten Depp and Whitey Bulger, earning a healthy $32 million.

The Times of San Diego offered up a review and possible reasons for Black Mass having fallen flat during its second full week gracing the big screen.

“The film’s weak spots lie in the editing and direction. Running exactly two hours, it’s obvious that Cooper [the director of the film] was rushing to get the film down from the rough cut’s three-hours before the release date. Some scenes make smooth transitions, while others are abrupt, with subplots quickly pushed aside. ‘Black Mass doesn’t exactly reach ‘GoodFellas,’ or even ‘Donnie Brasco,’ in quality, but Depp fans will enjoy the great acting.”

However, as the publication notes, Depp has experienced massive successes in his career and continues to hold a title of one of the greats in acting today, regardless of the multitude of flops and fair films he has been tied to over the past few years. Depp fans and film enthusiasts are surely rooting for Johnny to experience a full hit due to his latest role, and even if the film, itself, is not considered to be Oscar-worthy, perhaps Depp’s acting and portrayal of the drug kingpin is just the ticket to finally earning him that best actor Academy Award many feel the star deserves.

It can certainly be noted that if Black Mass isn’t a home run hit for Depp, at the very least, as Fortune Magazine indicates, it’s gotten him out of his rut after being the star in so many cinematic flops, aside from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Watch Johnny Depp in the trailer for Black Mass.

[Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images]