Caitlyn Jenner Celebrates Official Name And Gender Change With Starbucks

Caitlyn Jenner has a lot to celebrate these days. Her reality show, I Am Cait, was picked up for a new season. Also, she just got her name legally changed to Caitlyn, and now the gender on all of her official documents is listed as female.

Caitlyn posted a touching photo on her Instagram page to celebrate the occasion. In the photo, she’s holding a Starbucks cup near a vase of of peach roses. Her name”Caitlyn” is scribbled on it alongside a smiley face.

Happy Saturday! What are your plans on this beautiful day?

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As an article on E! Online points out, this is probably not the first time that Caitlyn has used her new name to order Starbucks. However, it takes on a new and poignant meaning now that the name change is officially legal.

Name changes are very important part of transitioning for people in the transgender community. On her show, I Am Cait, Jenner conducted a naming ceremony with some of her trans sisters. She applied to officially change her name from William Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Marie Jenner on September 15.

According to E! Online, the judge approved her application on Friday and also ordered that a new birth certificate be issued to her which will contain both the name and gender change.

Though the name change is now official, it’s still going to be a while before all the members of Jenner’s family can accept it.

Ex wife Kris Jenner, who shares two children with Caitlyn, recently said in an Access Hollywood interview that she still struggles with accepting her former spouse’s new name and identity.

“It’s hard, you know, it’s really, really hard,” Kris told host Billy Bush in the interview. “What I have realized in all of this is that everyone handles stuff a different way. No matter what it is, you know. We’re all people. We all have different emotions.”

Kris admitted that she’s still learning who Caitlyn is because her personality differs from Bruce’s.

“I just thought she would be a little bit different,” Kris said. “Bruce had a distinct personality and, you know, had definite characteristics. And Caitlyn has some different ones, I feel.”

Kris and Caitlyn’s daughter Kendall also recently opened up about her struggle with the gender transition. In a recent Keeping Up With The Kardashians clip, Jenner tells sister Khloe that the change from Bruce to Caitlyn feels like she’s losing someone. This was taped before Kendall met Caitlyn for the first time.

“Well, it’s also a letting go thing. It’s like when you officially meet her it’s like, he’s gone. I think that’s what I’m holding on to,” Kendall says in the clip.

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