#PrayForFetty — Fetty Wap Motorcycle Accident Brings New Hashtag, Eyewitness Reports [Video]

The hashtag #PrayForFetty just appeared on Twitter, along with the news that Fetty Wap was involved in a motorcycle accident. As seen in a video interview at that link, a child is being interviewed about what he witnessed during the accident. Fetty reportedly tried to pass a vehicle while riding on his motorcycle but didn’t see another vehicle coming.


The child reports to the police that Wap “flew in the air,” which sounds like Fetty likely went sailing into the car upon impact with another vehicle. It’s unknown whether or not Fetty was wearing his helmet at the time of the crash, but in a recent video posted to social media, Wap is seen wearing a motorcycle helmet.


In photos that show Fetty being removed from the scene of the accident by paramedics, Wap is wearing a neck brace. It’s a common practice that EMTs use in order to stabilize the spine during any type of accident prior to moving the victim to another location.

The Twitter account of DJ Akademiks @IamAkademiks has lots of updated videos and images of the area where Fetty crashed his motorcycle, including the moment when folks were still trying to verify if it was indeed Wap who was involved in the crash. He placed side by side photos of Fetty and what he wore earlier to verify that it was the same jersey, jacket, and telltale blond dreadlocks that pegged the man on the ground being helped by paramedics as Fetty. He also posted the video of the little boy being interviewed by police about what he witnessed regarding the motorcycle crash.

“A kid gave [an] eye witness report of what he saw when Fetty Wap crashed.”

According to TMZ’s latest updates about Fetty, there was no one riding on the motorcycle with Wap at the time of the crash. The publication also reports that Fetty is alert and conscious at the hospital. Those posting the #PrayForFetty hashtag on Twitter would be happy to know that Wap is speaking as well, with doctors currently checking to see if Fetty has any broken bones. Thus far, those #PrayForFetty prayers appear to be working for the popular rapper and singer.

“A source close to Fetty tells TMZ the rapper is awake and talking at the hospital and appears to be OK… we’re told doctors are running tests for any possible fractures. He was riding alone during the accident.”

[Image via Twitter]