Jimmy Fallon Works Magic, Reunites Classic 90s TV Duo [Video]

Jimmy Fallon is at it again, and this time anyone who remembers Good Burger from the late 1990s will be in fan heaven. Jimmy has done what no one else has done. He has brought together Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson for the first time since their popular TV show and movie.

Kel was on The Tonight Show to promote his new Nickelodeon show Game Shakers, and while he was visiting, he and Jimmy went back in time to the set of another Nickelodeon show – Good Burger! Of course, as Variety reports, Jimmy Fallon introduced the skit by reminiscing about his first job in a burger joint.

“I love hosting this show. It’s the best job I’ve ever had. But I do have a soft spot for my first job, back in the ’90s when I worked for a local fast-food restaurant. In fact, I remember it like it was yesterday.”

Jimmy Fallon recreated the Good Burger set, and as Huffington Post reports, Kel said it was like they had never left.

“I remember Kenan and I both walked to the hair and makeup room, and I saw [Ed’s ‘Good Burger’] hair on the mannequin head. And it was just this moment that was like, ‘Ahhhhh!’ I put it on, and it was amazing.”

Kel was also very grateful to Jimmy Fallon for making his mother and sister feel so welcome on The Tonight Show. He posted a thank you on Instagram with a short video showing Jimmy going into the audience to welcome Kel’s mom and sister, greeting them each with a big hug.


How sweet is that?

While there are no plans for a Good Burger reunion, according to E! Online, Kel Mitchell teases that they have some surprises in store for fans.

“We have some great surprises coming through.”

Who knows what those surprises might be? Both Kenan and Kel are busy with their respective careers, Kel starring in the new Game Shakers and Kenan in his 12th season on Saturday Night Live. In fact, it was this spot on Saturday Night Live that Kenan was chosen for over Kel, sparking rumors of a falling out between the two. Clearly, either there never was a falling out or the duo have long since mended fences because they loved working together again on The Tonight Show.

Watch the entire Good Burger skit and let it take you back to those younger carefree days of the 90s. Just listening to Kel repeat his famous welcoming line is fantastic!

[Photo: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon YouTube Channel]