Jimmy Fallon: His Latest Creation, ‘Jimpire’: Guess Which Show He Parodies? [Video]

Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show seems to have no end to his creative or comedic talent. Anyone who enjoys the Fox hit show Empire will likely truly appreciate Jimmy Fallon’s latest digital original, Jimpire.

Fallon plays his own version of Lucious Lyons, a family patriarch who is suffering and must groom his successor. What is he suffering from? Not a chronic illness, but Jimmy Fallon’s real-life injured finger. Us Weekly reports that Fallon’s character is very emotional as he talks about what might befall him.

“Now, I might not be around forever. What with my finger being in the condition it is, who knows what could happen tomorrow? I could stub my toe, I could bite my tongue, I could burn the roof of my mouth eating a hot microwave pizza.”

Jimmy Fallon dressed and played the part well. He had the purple paisley scarf, the turtleneck, and the suave voice to capture Lucious Lyons to perfection.

The Tonight Show announcer Steve Higgins showed up in a leopard-spotted fedora and fur coat to play the part of Cookie and the show’s band, The Roots, played the remainder of the Lyons family.

Terrence Howard, who plays the real Lucious Lyons in Empire, and Taraji P. Henson, who plays the real Cookie, appear for cameos. When you see Jimmy Fallon alongside Terrence Howard, it’s hilarious and perhaps just a little unnerving.

Of course, when you have a show like Jimpire, Donald Trump simply has to make an appearance — and he does!

USA Today lists the six funniest moments of this Jimmy Fallon comedy sketch. One of these top moments is when Jimmy meets up with Terrence Howard, dressed in identical outfits, and Howard confronts Jimmy about doing an Empire spoof.

“Don’t do one of Empire.”

But, in all fairness, Steve Higgins meeting Taraji P. Henson might top them all for the funniest moment (sorry, Jimmy Fallon). Higgins is absolutely hilarious, but E! Online reports Henson doesn’t take anything from Higgins and she sure doesn’t like him pretending to be Cookie.

“Who you callin’ a b****, b****? I should call you Lil’ Debbie cuz you are one fake-a** Cookie.”

Jimpire is classic Jimmy Fallon at its best and a must for your watch list.

[Photo by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube]

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