Alexa PenaVega Talks ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Nip Slip Checks, Gets Ready For ‘Breaking Bad’ Dance

Alexa PenaVega’s husband, and fellow Dancing with the Stars competitor, Carlos PenaVega is a big fan of the sexy costumes that Alexa wears during her routines — he’s already begged the wardrobe department to let his wife take one of the sparkly outfits home. However, Alexa recently revealed that the skimpy costumes aren’t all that easy to wear, and she and the other female dancers have to take a lot of extra precautions to make sure that they don’t suffer any nip slips during their performances.

“They’re like chastity belts. It’s like, ‘Good luck getting in there!'” Alexa PenaVega joked during a recent interview with Access Hollywood.

Male dancers like Val Chmerkovskiy probably don’t appreciate how lucky they are that they can dance shirtless. While they can doff their tops as often as they like, female dancers have to do everything they can to make sure that theirs stay on. According to Alexa, the Dancing with the Stars wardrobe department has also devised a backup plan just in case a female dancer does suffer a wardrobe malfunction that leaves her breasts exposed. To ensure that there are no nip slips, dancers have to wear stick-on pasties over their nipples.

Judge Carrie Anne Inaba likes to joke that she’s the show’s “lift police,” but she’s not the only officer of the law on Dancing with the Stars. Alexa PenaVega revealed that she and the other female dancers have to get checked by the pasty police before their performances.

“They don’t want anything popping out on live television, Alexa explained.”They have a pasty check. They make sure you’re wearing nipple pasties every night.”

“They get in trouble if there’s like a nip slip or something, so every night before you go on, they go and check all the girls.”

So far Alexa PenaVega’s most dangerous costume has probably been the wild jungle cat costume that she rocked for Monday night’s salsa with her pro partner, Mark Ballas. The sparkly outfit featured a plunging neckline, and Alexa had to crawl all over Mark during their sexy routine. It also included a spin move that could have been disastrous if Alexa wasn’t all taped into her costume.

What a blast this all was. I have an amazing parter who pushes me and believes in me... And an incredible husband who lifts me up and fills me with love and strength! I had the chance to pray with both of these amazing men before our performances last night. God is at the center of everything we do. He is our foundation. I am so thankful to be given this incredible opportunity surrounded by people I love. We can't take anything for granted. Last night we already had to say goodbye to one of our #DWTS contestants and tonight another goes home as well. I just need to say... I'm so proud of every single person on this show!!! Everyone works hard and gives it their all!!! We have created our own little family and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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In her Dancing with the Stars blog post for People, Alexa wrote that she couldn’t help but let out a little growl at one point during the dance. She said that she released the roar while she was hopping up in the air like a feisty feline going in for the kill.

There’s a chance Alexa’s costume won’t be quite as sexy next week. According to ABC, Monday night’s theme will be “iconic television throughout history.” Mark Ballas and Alexa PenaVega will be dancing to a song from the AMC series Breaking Bad, and it’s possible that their costumes will pay homage to the beloved TV series. The most obvious wardrobe choice would be the bright yellow hazmat suits that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman wear while cooking meth, but maybe Mark Ballas will rip his off and dance around in his tighty whities, a la Bryan Cranston.

Carlos PenaVega and his pro partner, Witney Carson, have also been given an interesting theme. They’ll be dancing to a song from the hit TV series Golden Girls, but there’s no word on whether Carlos will be rocking a gray wig and a sparkly pants suit for their performance.

Speaking of Carlos PenaVega, Alexa said that she actually gets more nervous watching her husband perform than she does when she has to hit the dance floor. The former Spy Kids star compared the way she feels to the way parents feel when they watch their kids perform at dance recitals.

“I finally understand why, you know those parents that watch their kids in recitals and they’re like, doing the dance with the children? That’s how I feel, watching him. I get so excited, and I’m so proud of him.”

Here’s a fun fact about Carlos and Alexa PenaVega: If you add up their first three Dancing with the Stars judges’ scores, they’re tied. However, there’s no way to tell who is getting the most viewers’ votes.

You can check out Alexa PenaVega’s Breaking Bad performance when it airs on Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Do you think she’ll break away from her hubby by out-dancing him?

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