September 26, 2015
Robert Pattinson Talks FKA Twigs, Reality TV, And Admits His Mother Has Google Alerts Set About Him

While Robert Pattinson is currently filming in Northern Ireland for The Lost City of Z, the former Twilight star took some time away from the production -- and crashing weddings -- to sit down for a chat with the Irish Times. In the interview, Pattinson discussed a number of topics, including his liking for reality TV and how his own mom receives Google alerts about him.

Although Pattinson described himself as a true fan of film, he admitted that his latest interests surround the world of reality TV, which he can't seem to get enough.

"When I was younger, I was a real film buff. When I lived in London, I would watch an enormous amount of films," he explained. "I seemed to have more patience with German New Wave films and so on. Now I don't know what's happened. I feel I have had a minor stroke and all I can watch is reality TV. I am grabbing on to the few remaining brain cells."

Meanwhile, as Robert Pattinson deals with all the attention that comes with being a famous Hollywood star, he went on to reveal that his own mother receives online alerts about his activities.

"My mother has Google Alerts," Pattinson stated. "It's the most abominable compulsion. The most embarrassing thing is looking yourself up. Nothing can affect you at all if you don't look it up. People who do pay attention to that stuff think they are trying to connect with the real world. But comments on the internet are not the real world. Thankfully."

While Pattinson has been busy with a number of different projects lately, including his role as Lawrence of Arabia in Queen of the Desert and Dennis Stock in Life, the actor recalled how an early encounter with his drama teacher had a lasting impact on his acting career.

"Well, it's weird. Because I didn't really set out to be an actor. At school my drama teacher told me, whatever else I did, to not act," Pattinson said. "So when I started acting I always felt like the underdog. I felt I have to prove something. Fifteen years later I still have that deep- seated memory. I will probably always have it."

Robert Pattinson's upcoming film, Life, is set to premiere in theaters on December 4, 2015, while Queen of the Desert, directed by Werner Herzog and starring Nicole Kidman, was released earlier this year. The Lost City of Z is expected to premiere sometime in 2016.

[Image Courtesy: Grant Lamos IV/Getty]