Selena Gomez In A ‘Good Place’ Right Now

Selena Gomez has a new movie, a new album, and is in a “good place.”

Gomez has so many good things happening around her that it’s no surprise that she is in a good place. The second installment of the Hotel Transylvania franchise opened September 25, and with it, Gomez’s character, Mavis Dracula, brings a mini-Drac. Mavis and Johnny, the lost backpacker from the first movie (played by SNL‘s Andy Samberg), have gotten married and now have a half-human/half-vampire son named Dennis (played by Asher Blinkoff, 7).

“It was a weird shift for me,” Gomez admits. “Once I saw my son, I was like, ‘How precious, how adorable. I just want to love you.’ Something maternal came out of me a little bit.”

Reprising her role was, for Gomez, a no-brainer.

“I like having that younger audience, and it’s something that’s, that’s sweet about it, and there’s a great message in the movie.”

Gomez’s sensual song Good For You, which is a single from her album Revival (set to drop on October 9), hit number six on the Billboard Hot 100. The album was put up for preorder on September 9, and the instant download Same Old Love hit number one on the real-time Billboard + Twitter Trending 140 chart — in fact, Gomez is still sitting pretty at the top of that chart.

The day prior, Gomez revealed the album’s cover on Twitter.

The album cover definitely shows a maturity that Gomez has embraced beautifully.

“It’s not very glamorous. I just wanted it to be beautiful and soft and raw. I was actually on set. It was just me and a photographer, everybody cleared the room, and I actually felt really wonderful about myself. I do feel like after a year of going through all my ups and downs — and I’m assuming they’re going to continue to come my way — but I feel really great about myself, I feel really happy.”

Gomez has spoken out about body shaming, calling it “disgusting.” She called it “powerful” to “post anything and I know that is my voice and I’m able to control it.”

Gomez spoke out to USA Today.

“I had a moment and was like, ‘Wait a minute? Is this just comments? Just, like, 12-year-olds mad at me because they hate me?’ And then I Googled, which I should never do, and just started sobbing. I was in Mexico and luckily was surrounded by the most incredible people. I was just so upset. It wasn’t even just saying I’m fat — they’re also saying, ‘She’s a wreck, she’s a mess,’ like, why is that where it goes to? What took it to that place? You don’t even know me. It really upset me for honestly, maybe an hour, because I pulled myself out of it and posted a picture on Instagram where I’m laying down, and my comment back was like, ‘I’m happy with myself.’ Then the next day, that’s what all the headlines ended up becoming. It was like, I’m glad I didn’t let them win. I’m glad I didn’t let them tear me apart and try to ‘ignore it.’ But it was unfair, it was really disgusting. It sucked.”

The world has watched Selena Gomez grow up, and if she is finally in a good place, then Ms. Gomez: Good For You.

[Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images]