Mystic Mayhem, Revamped Black Panther Powers Now Live In ‘Marvel Heroes’

Limbo is back again for Marvel Heroes players, and this time heroes will be finding more Mystic Mayhem Coffers. The event returns about a month after its debut with a few changes, fixes, and altered rewards. Like the first time, and as the Inquisitr reported, Mystic Mayhem gives players access to Limbo, Mystic Mayhem Coffers, server-side boosts, and much more.

Heading out to Limbo and successfully completing it will give players a directive to defeat specific bosses throughout the game. The reward for finding and killing these bosses is a number of Mystic Mayhem Coffers with a random new artifact or ring inside. Unlike the first Mystic Mayhem, a coffer will be rewarded upon eliminating the final Limbo boss as noted on the official forums. Marvel Heroes players will also notice that they are given the same boss targets as their teammates when completing Limbo, letting friends stick together to earn their Mystic Mayhem Coffers.

Additionally, characters that did not complete Magik’s “Strike on Limbo” mission during the last Marvel Heroes Mystic Mayhem have the opportunity to finish this time around. This mission rewards the character with three more power points and additional health points so it is beneficial to all heroes. It can be completed once per character.

Marvel Heroes

The event also increases players’ chances of finding 10-packs of Eternity Splinters and adds the coveted 63-pack as well, according to the official site. These Eternity Splinters are used to purchase new heroes, team-ups, and more within Marvel Heroes. Not to mention, all enemies will have a small chance to drop a Hero Token unlocking the corresponding hero on a player’s account, and Legendary Mystic Scrolls have an extremely rare chance to drop during the event. These scrolls reward the recipient with a plethora of special items in the game.

Of course, Mystic Mayhem is just the event that is running right now in Marvel Heroes. The patch that made it live also fixed a few bugs and added other content for players. Most notably, Black Panther’s powers and abilities are very different today than they were yesterday. The ruler of Wakanda now has a specialization selection like Rocket Raccoon or Jean Grey that lets the character specialize in a certain combat role. Black Panther now has the following three options as specialization choices: Vicious Claws, Master of Knives, and Agile Warrior.

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Vicious Claws gives Marvel Heroes‘ Black Panther a focus on melee by improving abilities like Knockdown Strike and Panther Leap. The Master of Knives specialization makes the ranged abilities Black Panther has stronger and even makes the Jungle Snare and Mobile Mine Field abilities usable at range. Finally, Agile Warrior lets the character emphasize mobile, movement abilities like Slashing Lunge and Scything Sweep.

Even the trusty Dora Milaje guardians are a bit different with the revamp to Black Panther. They now have their own specialization selection letting Black Panther utilize them in a damage dealing capacity, or the hero can have the Dora Milaje do less damage but will taunt enemies. There is also a third option to not use the Dora Milaje at all, giving Black Panther a damage boost and a reduction in incoming damage.

Other changes to Marvel Heroes with the latest patch include a 100 percent chance for bosses to drop a medallion, and an added half-second cooldown to the popular Ziggurat of Kargul artifact that lets any hero teleport across the game’s maps. The patch also introduced a new HYDRA Fortune Card that could contain HYDRA-themed costumes for Wolverine and Venom. Not to mention, a new tank pet and turret-summoning HYDRA Double Agent Team-Up are also a potential prizes from the HYDRA Fortune Card.

Will you be fighting some Marvel Heroes demons over the next week?

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