Man And Kangaroo Selfie Goes Viral On Social Media

Anne Sewell - Author

Sep. 25 2015, Updated 12:58 p.m. ET

A guy with the reddit handle RedBearski posted an image of his cousin, posing for the perfect photo — a kangaroo selfie. The image has gone viral on reddit and the Imgur post has received almost 1.5 million views in just over eight hours.

While there is little detail available, the image was also published on Imgur with the title “My cousin wanted a selfie with a Kangaroo.” There is no indication as to where the kangaroo selfie was actually taken or by whom.

However, it seems the guy’s cousin did, indeed, get his required kangaroo selfie, as can be seen below.

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The tourist looks shocked in the image, as the inquisitive kangaroo appears to lean into the frame, with its mouth slightly open.

The kangaroo selfie was posted around eight hours ago, but is already going viral on the social media. At the time of writing, it has been liked 5,561 times on reddit, with over 500 comments, including some real gems.

As people couldn’t get over the pose by both man and kangaroo, RedBearski commented on how his cousin got the image just right.

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“He was poking the thing to look at the camera. Apparently made the face when he saw himself on the screen.”

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The kangaroo selfie image has been used by the uploader as a profile picture and one commenter says, “So this guy is never changing his profile pic again.”

Another said, “That kangaroo looks like its on the edge of death. Or a goat that’s been attacked by the chupacabra.”

To which one smarty responded, “Didn’t you know that goats that are bitten by the chupacabra turn into kangaroos? They don’t have “abra” (like abra kadabra) in their name for nothing.”

The Imgur post of the kangaroo selfie has received an amazing 1,475,235 views since the photo was uploaded eight hours before and drew similar comments.

One guy asked, “Honest question, what do kangaroos smell like?”

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Another queried whether it was actually a kangaroo in the image. “Due to the size and the lack of being kicked to death, I’m pretty sure that’s a wallaby not a kangaroo.”

Yet another person helpfully suggested, “Your cousin should make either a rap or a Sublime-style ska album that’s riddled with Aussie slang. This picture will be the album cover.”

A rather insulting comment says, “The hideous giant rat ruins it a bit, the kangaroo is the photos saving grace.”

The bad news for the uploader is, while it might seem very original to take a selfie with a kangaroo, it has, of course, been done before.

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And this image was posted a few minutes ago to Imgur, so far with no comment as at the time of writing. Everyone’s in competition, it seems.

[Photo: Kangaroo closeup (not the animal in question) CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Doc. Di0]


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