Donald Trump Gets Raped, Beaten To A Pulp, And Brutally Murdered By Mr. Garrison

Val Powell - Author

Sep. 25 2015, Updated 3:38 a.m. ET

About 1.5 million viewers watched Donald Trump’s character being raped and brutally murdered on Wednesday night’s episode of South Park.

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South Park‘s co-creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone made a mockery of the outspoken business tycoon and his immigration policies, especially his plans to build a giant border wall between the United States and Mexico.

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The episode, “Where My Country Gone” showed Mr. Garrison running for public office with a political campaign that focuses on addressing illegal immigration. He decides to run for election because he wants to save South Park from Canadian immigrants who left the country when Donald Trump became President of Canada.

Under his radical “Where My Country Gone” campaign, Mr. Garrison plans to put an end to the immigration problem by killing the immigrants.

“I propose we f—-k them all to death,” he told CNN when asked how he plans to deal with the illegal immigrants who are arriving in South Park in droves to escape Donald Trump’s rule.

“We round them up, pull down their pants and f—k them ’til their souls leave their bodies. Then we build a wall,” Garrison said.

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However, Canada had already built a wall to ward off US immigrants, messing up Garrison’s grand plan. In anger, he vows to go to Canada and “f—k them to death” in their home country.

In the South Park episode’s finale, Garrison leaves South Park and sneaks into Canada. He went to Donald Trump’s office and finds the Canadian President dancing to a song.

The two began fighting and Garrison succeeded in beating Donald Trump to a pulp before brutally raping him to death.

Upon hearing about their president’s brutal murder, the illegal immigrants decide to return to Canada.

The victorious Garrison returns to the US and decides to run for the White House, choosing Caitlyn Jenner as his running mate. Jenner runs over a pedestrian as she drives off with Garrison.

South Park is notorious for its fearless satirical depictions of real people and events. The show is already in its 19th season, and, since its 1997 debut, it has consistently generated controversy and heated discussions for portraying sensitive, often taboo themes. The show also employs toilet humor and makes fun of religious figures for comic effect.

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South Park‘s “Where My Country Gone” episode is Trump’s second appearance on the Comedy Central show. Donald Trump was featured in one of the show’s episodes that aired in 2011.

[Image via Youtube; Tom Pennington, Getty Images]


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