‘Big Brother 17’: Liz Nolan Never Knew She Was Auditioning For ‘Big Brother’

Liz Nolan may have walked away from the Big Brother 17 finale with second place and a $50,000 prize, but the Miami twin had no idea what she was auditioning for when she first got involved with casting for the show.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter after the finale, Liz’s twin sister Julia revealed they thought they were up for a totally different show, which didn’t actually exist.

“We were supposed to be on another show. They told us you’re auditioning for a show it’s kind of like ‘Big Brother,’ ‘Amazing Race,’ and ‘Survivor.’

“It was called ‘The Twins Project,’ but I literally just found out that wasn’t a real show. I’m so happy that they liked us! We made it onto ‘Big Brother’ that is pretty amazing.”

Liz told THR that producers let the twins decide whether they would be in the house pretending to be Liz or Julia. She also revealed she was taken aback when Rachel Reilly asked about her twin sister before she entered the house. She lied, not sure at that point what she was permitted to reveal.

In a separate interview with THR, Big Brother 17 winner Steve Moses revealed he knew going in a twin twist was a possibility. As a super-fan, he’d read the rumors on an online message board before he entered the game. But that information didn’t end up working to his advantage.

“I had no idea until Da’Vonne and Jason flat out told me. I read about twins online so actually that first week I was looking for twins, didn’t find it. Liz and Julia were both in the house two days before I could tell them apart.I struggled with that way more than anyone else did. They fooled me completely.”

Liz said she plans to give it a shot with Austin Matelson outside the house, and will even move to Los Angeles. She won’t move to L.A. for Austin specifically, but because she’s done with Miami.

“First of all, Austin is a great reason [to move], but the weather in Miami sucks. I’m sick of it. Born and raised in it, enough.”

Liz said she would “probably” split her winnings — which may be significantly less than $50,000 after taxes are taken off — with Julia, although Liz said she’s not allowed to say that.

Liz got three votes to win on finale night: Julia, Austin, and third-place finisher Vanessa Rousso. Rousso told THR that Liz was not given enough credit for what she did in the house. The poker player judged Liz and Steve differently: one coming in as a superfan and one coming in knowing nothing about the game.

“I think Liz is very underrated. She’s very strategic and would often floor me. Unbelievably underrated.”

[Image: CBS/Bigbrotherfansblog]

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