Gavin Rossdale Is Not Being Replaced By Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani's Rep Says

Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani were together for over a decade and have produced three children in their marriage, and rumors have been swirling that Gwen and Blake Shelton have been licking their wounds since their recent splits from their spouses.

Wetpaint recently reported that Gwen had replaced Gavin Rossdale with Blake, and she was actually hooking up with the country singer on the set of The Voice. Certain insiders claimed that Gwen liked Shelton because he was the exact opposite of Gavin Rossdale, and the romance is so hot that the two were moving in together right away.

Although it's fast enough to make anyone's heads spin, Wetpaint claims Stefani doesn't want to go public with her new romance because she doesn't want her kids to think she's replaced their father, Rossdale, with anyone else.

It's hard to imagine how she could make that message clear to her children if she were moving in with Shelton, but the scenario is explained away by suggesting that the house is just a secluded spot for the two to hook up in once in awhile and not really live in all the time.

Gavin Rossdale, if he's still hanging on to any hope about getting back with the blonde beauty, may breathe a sigh of relief for the moment.

Stefani's rep says the rumors about her and Blake are "completely untrue." Gavin Rossdale is not being replaced by Blake Shelton, after all.

According to PageSix, the rumors that Gavin Rossdale has already been replaced are not to be believed. Another insider says, "It's The Voice, not Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours' sessions."

While the former Mrs. Rossdale has not been very vocal about why she filed for divorce from Mr. Rossdale, people speculate that Gavin Rossdale has a history of cheating on his wife.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that Gavin Rossdale has been doing so much to win his wife back before she leaves him forever, but his efforts to keep her in his life as more than a co-parent are not working.

"Ever since news came out that Gwen is moving on and starting to date other people, Gavin has been obsessively sending her gifts, including tons of very expensive flowers, to try and win back her heart. Gavin has been spending a ton of money trying to get her back, but it is not going to work. He is so lost without her."
The source, who spoke to Radar Online, added, "Gwen is not being reciprocal in the attempts to get back together with Gavin, and it is very one-sided. She says that 'he should really stop wasting his time already' because they are not getting back together."

All one knows for sure is that Gavin Rossdale is not being replaced by Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani's rep insists.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images Entertainment]