‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Killer’s Identity Finally Revealed

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, September 24, reveal that the identity of the necktie serial killer that has been harassing Salem will finally be known to viewers, and we can’t wait.

Fans have been speculating about who the necktie killer could possibly be, with rumors flying that Clyde Weston, Aiden Jennings, Andre DiMera, and/or Ben Weston could all possibly be the newest killer on Days of Our Lives.

Soap Shows reports that DOOL fans will get a good look at the murderer’s face and probably be shocked by what they see. The killer, who is attacking Marlena, will someone be stopped in the process of trying to take the good doctor’s life.

Marlena will be the first person to survive an attack by the killer, as Chad DiMera is rushing back to Marlena’s office to tell her that he remembered something about the night of the murders happened, and will walk in on the attack happening and fight off the murderer.

Marlena will pass out and when she awakens, she’ll see Chad standing over her, and her first thought may be that Chad, who is the Salem Police Department’s main suspect in the killings, has attacked her.

Of course, Abigail will stick by Chad even though the evidence against him looks bad, she will always believe that this DiMera, unlike most of them, has a good heart and would never take someone’s life. Chad is obviously being set up, which leads some to believe that Abigail’s jealous boyfriend, Ben Weston, could be the one killing people and trying to make it look like Chad so that he’ll go to prison and be out of Abi’s life for good.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that Ben’s father, Clyde Weston could also be seeking revenge for his son, as he know that Abigail and Chad had an affair, and that Chad is the likely father of Abigail’s unborn baby, not his son, Ben.

However, Hope Brady’s new fiancé, Aiden Jennings, has also shown his true colors and has been revealed to be working with Stefano DiMera, who hired the lawyer to get close to Hope, and eventually marry her, in order to keep her away from her true love, Bo Brady, whom Days of Our Lives fans know is being held captive somewhere.

But don’t worry Bo and Hope fans, Steve “Patch” Johnson is on the job, and he is currently seeking out his best friend, Bo, and plans to save him and bring him home to Salem and the family he left behind. Hopefully, Bo can help Hope see that Aiden is no good for her before it is too late.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Who do you think the killer is?

[Photo Credit: NBC]