Pope Francis Vs Obamacare: Religious Leader Supports Lawsuit During Unscheduled Visit To Convent

David Cornell - Author

Sep. 24 2015, Updated 6:58 a.m. ET

Pope Francis vs. Obamacare may be one of the biggest rivalries in the Catholic church today. On Wednesday, the pope visited a convent known as the Little Sisters of the Poor, a group currently suing the U.S. government for mandating birth control.

Many religious groups consider birth control to be a form of murder, therefore a violation of the Ten Commandments. It is believed that the instant an egg is fertilized in a woman’s body, it is a form of life and precious in the eyes of God.

According to Catholic laws, even rape victims must carry the child to term and raise it, wanted or not. Birth control violates this practice, which is believed to be divine and unwavering. Others who don’t agree with the religious law are those who conceive before they are ready to raise a child.

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In some cases, couples who don’t want the responsibility have been known to simply dispose of the baby. In a previous report by the Inquisitr, a pair of teens had done just that in Kentucky last July.

The debate has raged ever since birth control became part of the medical industry.

As recently reported by the Inquisitr, President Obama has stated that if the Planned Parenthood defunding bill ever makes it to prevalence while he is in office, he plans to use his Power of Veto against it. Now it appears Pope Francis and Obamacare laws disagree over the mandate forcing employers to pay for birth control, according to the Washington Times.

This is the fight at the heart of a lawsuit pending from the Little Sisters, who are attempting to fight for what the Catholic church believes to be right. According to Reuters, even Roman Catholic nuns are allegedly being forced to comply with the contraception mandate. The Little Sisters are countering this under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, calling it a violation of their beliefs.

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi has stated that the convent’s visit from Pope Francis means Obamacare is something the religious leader opposes as well.

Father Lombardi told a radio station, “This is a sign, obviously of support for them.”

Pope Francis has supported Catholic beliefs before, but not always the way expected. The Inquisitr previously reported that the Pope took on Bishops and Catholics alike last October, telling them to stop judging gays and divorcees. He still believes gay marriage is wrong but doesn’t feel it’s our right to judge.

Pope Francis’ opposition to Obamacare could make serious waves in the government. What do you think?


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