Cheating Billboard Viral: Woman Outs Cheating Husband With A Epic Message On Billboard [Photo]

A “cheating billboard” was recently added to the long list of epic revenge plots conjured up by scorned lovers. According to Opposing Views, photos of the blatant message have been circulating online since one woman decided to share her husband’s little secret with the world.

Now, her revenge plot has gone viral. It has been reported that the scorned wife – only identified as “Lisa” – discovered her husband “Paul” was having an affair. Like most people who have been cheated on, Lisa was initially heartbroken and devastated to learn of his deceit. But her heartache quickly turned into anger and she decided to come up with a clever way to even the score.

According to the Yorkshire Post, Lisa scheduled to have the sign displayed on the morning of September 23 from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. – a time her husband would be sure to see the sign while driving to work. Although the message was relatively short and simple, it’s made quite an impact online.

“To my cheating husband Paul, you deserve each other. When you get home I won’t be there. Enjoy your drive to work! Lisa.”

Almost immediately after the sign was put on display, drivers began snapping photos of the jaw-dropping message. Of course, the viral photo received mixed opinions as many social media users have questioned whether it was real. However, the Daily Mail has reportedly confirmed that the sign is, indeed, real. Anco Digital, the company that owns the sign, has released a brief statement about the sign and Lisa’s idea to the unfortunate incident with the world. Mark Catterall, a representative for the advertising agency Kong Media, shared details about the business traction with Lisa. He also explained why she chose the busy highway where the sign was displayed.

“She just wanted it on during rush hour,” Catterall said. “The Sheffield Parkway is always jammed as it is the main artery in and out of the city in the morning, and the client wanted on while her ex-partner was driving to work. It is the most recognized billboard location in the city, so I wouldn’t like to be the partner scorned by this. I know it has happened before in the U.S.,” he said, “but she used the flexibility of a digital billboard, and I think it was an interesting idea by the lady.”

While most readers insist the cheating husband deserved to be embarrassed, some readers actually argued that Lisa’s actions were immature. What do you think about Lisa’s cheating billboard? Was she wrong for outing her husband? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Twitter]