Azealia Banks Plane Meltdown Aftermath: Rapper Sounds Off On Twitter

Azealia Banks reportedly had a plane meltdown on Tuesday, September 22. According to several reports, the rapper got into an altercation with a fellow passenger on a Delta flight on early Tuesday morning. Azealia also yelled at a flight attendant and the flight’s co-pilot, according to numerous reports.

Azealia Banks usually makes headlines when it comes to starting a beef on Twitter. But it looks like the rapper’s controversial online behavior has translated poorly into her real life. In a video shared by TMZ, Banks is heard yelling “Give me my bag!” as she tries to fight another passenger for her luggage.

According to the TMZ report, a French couple was blocking Azealia as they tried to get their luggage from an overhead bin. The “ATM Jam” rapper was obviously in a hurry and didn’t appreciate being blocked from the nearby exit. Azealia allegedly spat and punched the man in the face, and clawed at his shirt, according to an eyewitness.

After the flight attendant got involved, Banks was heard calling the man a “f***ing f****t” before running off the plane and dropping her phone, according to the report. The police already arrived to the scene as Banks was leaving, but the French couple decided not to press any charges since they wanted to enjoy their vacation.

Azealia tried to share her side of the story on Twitter.

Banks also shared a selfie of herself on the airplane with the caption, “Here’s me on a plane waiting for another bitch a** flight attendant to try me. #AzealiaBanks #Brokewithexpensivetaste” In addition, Banks shared several video reactions to her airplane meltdown.

Now Azealia is trying to defend her use of the homophobic slur. She says that since she’s bisexual and her brother is a trans person, then it’s okay for her to use such words. Azealia also said that she was scared by the incident, and only that her fans would understand her controversial behavior.

Azealia hasn’t stopped talking about her plane meltdown on Twitter. On Wednesday, September 23, she said that she has apologized to her fans, although she has not yet released a statement or a public apology to the French couple. Azealia has also been busy retweeting posts from her fans, who are supporting her violent and homophobic actions. She even found herself in a mini Twitter beef with former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Willam Belli. Scrolling through the “311” rapper’s Twitter profile is kind of tiring for most people, since she’s been constantly updating it with nonstop tweets and retweets.

Azealia Banks has become known for her controversial tweets and social media beefs rather than her music. According to a previous report via the Daily Star, she hasn’t released a song since 2014. Banks’ last album was also her 2014 release, Broke With Expensive Taste. Banks is obviously loving the attention that she’s getting for her meltdown. Now she’s asking everyone to buy her debut release on iTunes.

The rapper last made headlines on Twitter when she said that although she’s pro-choice, she thinks that abortions should be limited to three per person.

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[Image: Cassandra Hannagan / Getty Images]