Countdown To Season 12 ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ — What’s New?

Just one more day to the long-awaited Season 12 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy. Ever since the death of Dr. Derek Shepherd and the departure of Patrick Dempsey from the cast, fans have been in a panic about what to expect from the McDreamy-less Grey’s Anatomy.

According to the Inquisitr, the “AM”, or “after McDreamy” period, is just beginning, and changes are going to come. According to show creator Shonda Rhimes, we will see the storm cloud lift and watch Meredith Grey move on intensifying relationships.

E! Online reports that the first episode, called “Sledgehammer,” will feature Maggie and Amelia moving in to give Meredith a hand at getting back on track.

“Why don’t I learn? I take in strays because they’re sad and lonely and homeless,” Meredith laments. “The truth is, strays are flea-ridden creatures who pee on your stuff.”

And Shonda Rhimes wants fans to know that this season is not about replacing McDreamy in Meredith’s life.

“I have not planned to [introduce a new love interest for her] and that’s not really the focus of what we’re doing with her right now. Meredith is in a rebirth and she’s evolving. I’m watching the character do what the character’s doing and I’ll see where it goes.”

But even though finding Meredith a new man might not be the focus of Season 12, but mid-season, Martin Henderson’s surgeon character will be making an appearance, according to the Inquisitr. Meredith will be on her own journey, but that does not mean she will be celibate for the rest of her life.

The International Business Times explains that there will be other changes, including the shift in April and Jackson‘s relationship.

“April’s really changed, and she’s really done this thing that’s not necessarily the best thing for their marriage, and Jackson’s not happy about it. Does that mean it’s over? And does she accept that it’s over?”

We will also see Bailey continue her fight to be chief, and watch Callie and Arizona move on past their relationship.

Will you be watching Grey’s Anatomy tomorrow night on ABC? How do you feel about the post-McDreamy series?

[Photo courtesy of ABC]