WWE Rumors: WWE Wanting To Bring Retired World Champion Back To TV — The Rated R Superstar

With the return of the Dudley Boyz to WWE, there are rumors that many other past superstars could be back with the company soon. Rumors of the Hardy Boyz and Carlito coming back have been swirling around, but now there’s another. Word is that former WWE World Champion Edge, the Rated-R Superstar, could be brought back to the company to appear more on television in the future.

Sports Keeda states that there may be a lot more of Edge to come in the future for WWE television and programming. Not only is Triple H interested in bringing him back, but it seems as if Vince McMahon wants Edge back, too.

It sure seems as if WWE realizes that there are still plenty of fans of the Attitude Era, and the positive reaction to the Dudley Boyz return shows that. Then, there was the Monday Night RAW moment from a couple weeks ago that drove fans wild.

edge dudley boyz wwe rumors

McMahon is said to see Edge as one of the most under-appreciated stars of the post Attitude Era. Yes, he was a part of that era, but his true rise to stardom and WWE prominence came after it with his multiple world title wins.

There really is no way that Edge will ever set foot into a wrestling ring again, as a competitor or even to take a bump. His neck injury was incredibly serious and caused his legitimate retirement from wrestling. It’s not like other retirements that see stars come back time and time again.

Still, Edge could provide a lot to WWE television and different angles. He could get himself involved without ever getting physical, as we’ve seen Daniel Bryan do throughout his injury. He could also bring back “The Cutting Edge,” as fans always loved it.

Daily Wrestling News notes how Edge did appear on the Stone Cold Podcast as well, recently, and he showed up on there with Christian. The latter is reportedly retired, as well, and most of it was due to injuries, too.

Edge has been doing random appearances for WWE at times, and he does a lot of television work, too, since retiring. It’s quite possible that he could be back with WWE and have his character on television without taking up too much of his time or having a full travel schedule.

All of the rumors of Attitude Era stars and other past superstars coming back to WWE has wrestling fans excited. If Edge does end up returning to the company, it would truly be a big move by WWE and one that fans would love.

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