Jimmy Fallon Does ‘Empire’ — Fallon’s Lucious Lyon Is On Point, Nails Terrence Howard’s Voice [Video]

Jimmy Fallon has taken on the popular show Empire, and Fallon’s Empire parody, called “Jimpire,” is going viral on YouTube. With Fallon taking on the role of Terrence Howard’s Lucious Lyon and nailing Howard’s signature voice, Jimmy has proven his impersonation skills once more. With the highly-awaited Empire returning on Wednesday night, the “Jimpire” parody that arrived on Tuesday was right on time.

From the hair to the mustache to the clothing, Jimmy is Lucious is through and through. However, Jimmy isn’t the head of a music empire like Lucious. Fallon’s Lyon is the head of “Jimpire,” a man who worries that his injured finger might make him need to choose a successor to his empire. That empire is based on a comedian who grew up telling jokes to get him through hard times. Fallon’s President Obama impersonator plays the volatile Andre, sitting around the conference room table with a changing attitude, like the character on the show.

“Where did the cantaloupe go on vacation? John Cougar Mellencamp.”

Taraji P. Henson’s Cookie is initially played by Fallon’s sidekick, Steve Higgins, as reported by EW. Eventually, the real Terrence shows up, asking Fallon not to do a parody of Empire. Howard realizes that Jimmy is talking funny and is dressed like Lucious, and that’s why Terrence launches into a tirade against Jimmy.

Fallon tickles the ivories as he asks QuestLove and other members of The Roots house band to see what they have — and if it’s enough to take over Fallon’s Jimpire.

The 10-minute, 14-second long “Jimpire (Empire parody)” YouTube video has swelled to more than 65,000 views within hours.

At the end of the viral video, Jimmy comes out onto the stage of the Tonight Show and asks his band members to lead the show. QuestLove spills his long-hidden secret. And that long-hidden secret is that Quest is bald, instead of having a full Afro.

Fallon has a change of heart when deciding to whom he’ll pass the show along. That’s when Taraji shows up, throws a drink in Higgins’ face, and punches him. Higgins, by the way, shows off his butt in a scene reminiscent of when Cookie did the same thing on Empire.

The true heir to the “Jimpire” Empire ended up being Donald Trump, of course. Fallon recently also did a flawless impression of Trump on his show, oftentimes repeating “The Donald’s” favorite word — huge.

[Image via YouTube]