Drake’s New Restaurant — Hotline Frings

Drake’s new hotline is that of a restaurateur. Drizzy just opened a new spot in his hometown of Toronto. Along with his partner, he’s calling it Frings.

The OVO head has gone into business with Toronto-based chef Susur Lee, who’s well known for his Asian cuisine. According to Radio, a division of CBS Local Media and CBS Radio, they debuted the restaurant on September 21, 2015. Drake was accompanied by his mother and girlfriend, Sandi Graham and Serena Williams, respectively.

As mentions TMZ, Drake and Serena were in the restaurant making out and hugging up, as can be seen in recent media. Serena took a flight to Toronto for the special event, and Drizzy was already there for its coverage.

National Post reports that Drizzy’s restaurant is located on 455 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1K4, Canada.


Radio notes that neither of the restaurateurs are revealing what’s on the menu. However, it’s supposed to be “100.” Interestingly enough, this was all happening in the background while Drake toured, finished collaborative features, dropped a new Drake/Future mixtape on iTunes, made time to support Serena at her tennis matches, and exquisitely handle beef with Meek Mill. And let’s not forget that Drizzy is finishing his own studio album, Views from the 6.

Anyone who says Drake doesn’t work for what he has must be all talk and no vision. One can clearly see the results of his labor. But where does he find the time? We’re all given 24 hours in a day, right? Makes this writer rethink his schedule and how he can better make use of time. No more excuses.

But to digress, Drake DJ’d the opening party himself. Maybe there were no version mix-ups, such as what happened at Serena’s HSN event. If any follies happened, Drizzy would’ve been the blame.

Aubrey Graham and Susur Lee used social media outlets to congratulate each other and subliminally hint at Frings’ opening.

As reports Radio, they kept it secret, for the most part. However, with the advent of social media advancement and convenience, people were tweeting and Instagramming from the scene.

TMZ also reports that Serena also spent some time with Drizzy’s mother. Maybe the relationship is more serious than people gave credit. While Drake’s flirtatious ways have been a nuisance for the tennis star, they don’t share everything that happens within the relationship. Sometimes, to minimize drama, that’s best, right?

All in all, what do you think of Drizzy Drake’s new restaurant, Frings? Do you think he’ll do well as an entrepreneur in this arena? Maybe he’ll play What a Time to Be Alive and Views from the 6 as his patrons dine on Susur’s cuisine.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo Credits: Drake Photos Courtesy of Instagram]