WWE Rumors: Hey, Yo! — Hall Of Famer Could Be Hired For Role In NXT

Scott Hall has truly come a long way, and is said to not only be clean, but also sober. That is good news for him, and his family, and all those fans who have ever loved his work. Now, it looks like he isn’t done with the business, even though he’s likely done in the ring. Rumor has it that he could end up training NXT talents, and WWE is open to welcoming him into the Performance Center.

Hall has continued to stay involved with WWE, as he recently did some appearances for them during SummerSlam weekend back in August. According to WrestleZone, Hall was also backstage at Sunday’s Night of Champions.

That was proven by his tweets.

Wrestling Inc. reports that Scott Hall was recently at a meet-and-greet, where he ended up talking about NXT. He said that he loves the product, and that he’ll actually be returning to WWE soon to help some of the younger wrestlers out behind the scenes.

“I’m a huge fan of NXT, and I’ve been invited back to help smarten up the young guys. It’s something I enjoy doing, and to me, NXT is the hottest wrestling out there.”

Hall is a huge fan of numerous names in NXT, including Finn Balor and countless others. Scott Hall also believes that Becky Lynch is “a star in the making.” He’s long been a vocal advocate for Kevin Owens, and that was evident on Sunday after the former NXT Champion won the Intercontinental Title.

Scott Hall has done well for himself and his past demons of substance abuse. Diamond Dallas Page and his DDP Yoga have been working with him for years now, and Hall has cleaned up his act to the point where WWE has no problem working with him again.

At WrestleMania 31 last year, Hall was part of a huge angle with the nWo, Sting, Triple H, and D-Generation X. He even took a pretty good bump on the floor, which shows he could still go as needed, but that likely won’t happen much more.

If Scott Hall can stay clean and sober, then WWE is going to work with him. It’s good to know that Hall enjoys NXT so much and that he’ll be doing something that he’s passionate about, and it will be a huge help to the younger wrestlers.

[Image via WWE]