WWE News: Huge Update On Sting’s Neck Injury As Hospital Tests Are Revealed

When Seth Rollins powerbombed Sting into the corner, the WWE Universe though it was an ordinary spot. They did it a few times before the injury even occurred, which is why the fans thought nothing of it. Then, Rollins hit the powerbomb in the corner. Sting was supposed to duck Rollins’ clothesline and should’ve clotheslined Rollins in the corner. However, the WWE legend collapsed.

The WWE champion played it off as the natural heel would normally do, but Sting was legitimately injured. Sting knows how to sell any move in any key moment, but there are those instances where it looked too real. Plus, WWE Raw didn’t mention anything about Sting’s injury, which is another telltale sign.

WWE then proceeded to announce his injury on their website, but didn’t actually give any details. They said he was “reportedly” injured at Night of Champions. Instead of knowing very little about Sting’s status, there are new details out that have good news and bad news.

According to What Culture and Dave Meltzer, Sting’s latest injury update shows no fractures but is still considered serious.

“Sting’s neck is not broken, Dave Meltzer reports on Wrestling Observer Radio. However, the neck is injured, and that’s why Sting didn’t appear on Monday’s Raw. He was originally pencilled in for an opening segment announcement, but ended up going home to rest.

“Sting suffered the neck injury after taking a big whiplash into the turnbuckles at Sunday’s Night Of Champions. You could see the WCW Icon’s neck snap back.”

Meltzer then goes on to say that he was taken to the hospital after Night of Champions. He had the ability to walk, but he was showing signs of negativity. The tests themselves didn’t show any fractures, which is always a good sign. A broken neck would’ve ended Sting’s wrestling career.

Sting’s injury can go one of two ways. He could stick it out and wrestle that last match at WrestleMania against the Undertaker and get the victory. That, or the WWE won’t want another Jerry Lawler situation and they will force him to retire before it’s too late.

The fact that Sting finished the match is impressive. Unless is life is on the line, Sting may want to wrestle one more time at the Grandest Stage of Them All. In the next few days, WWE may want to make a statement on his health. The longer they wait, the longer the WWE Universe will insinuate that Sting’s injury may be career-threatening.

[Image via sescoops.com]