Buffalo Wild Wings Brawl Erupts Between 49ers And Steelers Fans [Video]

Things got wild outside a Buffalo Wild Wings eatery on Sunday as fans of the San Francisco 49ers, Pittsburgh Steelers, and other NFL teams brawled with each other, with the 49ers group getting the worst of it.

The footage of the punching-and-kicking battle royal embedded below has been viewed more than 900,000 times on Facebook so far.

Apparently, an argument got started inside the franchise restaurant known for its “wings, beer, sports” slogan and then culminated in violence on the sidewalk in Downey, California, which is about 13 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles.

The Facebook user who uploaded the video claims that disgruntled 49ers fans may have prompted the melee after the Steelers easily defeated San Francisco by a score of 43-18 in a week 2 NFL matchup.

“Niner fans starting sh*t, get rocked outside B-Dubs in Downey (sore losers) Background edit: The guys getting beat up started problems inside. They wanted to beat up a Steelers. The Steelers fan walked away. The rude 49er fans started talking sh*t to everyone. They messed with the wrong group when they went outside and got beat up. The Guy in red at :09 second was the one that started everything.”

Despite the disturbing nature of the incident, NBC Los Angeles reports that no one as yet has been arrested.

“Downey police were called and interviewed some of the men involved. They said no injuries were reported and no charges had been filed. Police were investigating the incident, including interviewing Buffalo Wild Wings workers.”

Some of the participants were evidently wearing New York Giants jerseys, The Big Lead noted, which perhaps makes the incident even more odd.

“It seems some 49ers fans, upset with their team’s 25-point loss, tried to take out their frustrations on a Steelers fan. When that guy walked away, they apparently turned their attention to everyone else. Some Giants fans obliged by beating the snot out of them outside. If you watch closely, some Steelers fans got in on the action as well.”

San Francisco 49ers fans made national news last week when a group of them brutally beat a Minnesota Vikings fan outside Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California, last Monday night after the Vikings-49ers game.

Do you think these violent incidents, such as the one that occurred Sunday outside Buffalo Wild Wings involving the 49ers fans, are in any way precipitated by grown men wearing team jerseys as if they are actually members of a pro football squad?

[Image credit: M.O. Stevens]