Mom Jumps Out Of Moving Car After Seeing Spider: 9-Year-Old Child Of Angela K. Kipp Injured When Car Hit Bus

Talk about a serious fear of spiders. Angela K. Kipp, of Syracuse, was going in reverse from her driveway when a spider on her shoulder sent Kipp lunging out of her car. Perhaps Angela didn’t realize her car was still in reverse, but either way, Kipp made a serious non-fight “fight or flight” response by fleeing her vehicle, because as reported by WNCN, Angela’s 9-year-old son was still in the backseat when Kipp jumped out, leaving the boy inside the moving vehicle.

That’s when the quick-thinking 9-year-old jumped from the back seat of the vehicle to the front seat, in an effort to stop the moving vehicle. However, instead of pressing the brakes, he pressed the gas, sending the car farther into danger. According to Chad Hill, a spokesperson for the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department, that’s when the moving vehicle crashed into a school bus and caused injuries to the little boy.

Upon seeing the spider on her shoulder, reports News Sentinel,‎ the 35-year-old Kipp left the car in gear and “driverless,” a dangerous situation that could’ve ended much worse. Photos of the smashed vehicle show just how bad the crash was when‎ the moving car collided with the school bus. There are no updates on the condition of the spider, or what type of spider it was that sent Angela into a fit of fear, causing her to jump from her vehicle.

However, the fear of spiders has been a popular topic that has even caused movies to be made about the subject. Called arachnophobia, the fear of spiders is a specific phobia. It’s one that sends some folks launching into blood-curdling screams when they encounter a spider. As such, tips on how to overcome fear of spiders abound online.

The white Dodge Avenger appears pretty banged up in photos of the aftermath of the Kosciusko County school bus collision, and 21Alive reports that Angela’s 9-year-old son was found outside the vehicle on the ground when help arrived. He was treated at the hospital for head injuries. The crash is being investigated, reported authorities, who are looking into the details that sent Kipp’s car crashing into a passing Wawasee Corporation School bus. While the 62-year-old bus driver, Becky A. Dunithan, wasn’t hurt in the crash, Kipp’s 9-year-old son suffered minor injuries to his head.

At a Goshen hospital, Angela’s son was in stable condition.

[Image via Getty Images/ KARL-JOSEF HILDENBRAND / DPA]