Weight Loss, Khloe’s Self-Absorbed Obsession That Even The Kardashians Complain About

In the past few days, a few interesting and seemingly contradictory things have been said that relate to Khloe Kardashian’s weight loss journey.

Firstly, Khloe’s family has voiced serious concern over her obsession with weight loss in an exclusive with Radar Online.

“Khloe’s become a ‘body bore’ and the girls have started to call her out on it. It’s all she ever talks about. Everything else is boring to her except diet and exercise.”

The unnamed Kardashian went on that Khloe takes her weight loss obsession far beyond a healthy hobby. Constantly posting photos documenting her weight loss is one thing, but Khloe goes so far as to rub her pursuits in the faces of other people, even when the occasion does not call for it.

She recounted an instance where Khloe actually got up in front of the rest of the family and started showcasing her new butt muscle weight loss exercises.

“It was ridiculous as she was dressed up in seven-inch heels to go out later. The girls want to stage an intervention and tell Khloe she’s got an addiction.”

It is surprising enough that the Kardashians, of all families, are concerned about Khloe’s heavy flirtations with weight loss and self-absorbed behavior, two things the family are known for foisting on the rest of the world.

What is even more surprising, though, is that the comments Khloe posted just a few days ago on her new site, Khloewithak.com, are completely inconsistent with her family’s complaints about her.

“I work out to look a certain way and feel a certain way but I do it for myself. I did it on MY terms. It’s for my self esteem and I feel so confident and proud of my achievements right now.”

Even that statement, which claims Khloe is pursuing weight loss “for [her own] self-esteem,” is seemingly contradictory with another statement Khloe makes on the same page.

“Despite all my hard work in the gym, even now I have days where I might be feeling fat or frumpy (I think all women have these feelings). I think people will immediately compare me to my ‘Complex’ cover and start judging me again.”

Perhaps the most shocking statement, given Khloe’s alleged constant obsession with weight loss and exercise, was also posted.

“I personally felt I was beautiful ‘bigger.’ “

So, wait, what’s going on? It’s possible the Kardashian family is only trying to stir up this weight loss drama so they can stage a tearful intervention for Khloe on the next episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. It is possible that Khloe is developing an eating disorder. It is possible she is just a self-centered young woman with a weight loss hobby whose writing isn’t top-notch. What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

[Image via Christopher Polk / Getty Images]