Daniel Craig Stars In New James Bond Heineken Campaign Ahead Of ‘Spectre’

Daniel Craig is starring in an all new set of James Bond-themed Heineken beer commercials ahead of the release of the brand new James Bond film, Spectre. This is not the first time that Craig has starred in commercials for Heineken beer. The James Bond actor did the same thing ahead of the release for Skyfall.

There was also a Heineken beer campaign that preceded the release of Casino Royale, Daniel Craig’s first James Bond film. However, it was a Heineken commercial that Daniel didn’t appear in on-screen.

As quirky as the other Heineken ads that featured James Bond, this new one to be featured in the campaign that will precede Spectre, is downright farcical.

Attempting to escape a group of marauders, Daniel Craig, as James Bond, jumps into a speed boat and takes off. Of course, his pursuers have speed boats of their own, and give chase. What Craig doesn’t realize (or does he?) is that there is a water-skiier attached to the boat he is driving. A beautiful woman, no less! As Bond tries to cut the other boats off with his own, the water-skiier behind him is flung out over the wake. The skiier ends up skiing onto land, (but still manages to hold onto the rope), skis through a wedding party where she ends up wearing a top hat, and down a flight of stairs. At the bottom of the stairs she skis past a bar where she grabs a tray full of Heinekens.

And she’s still holding onto the rope.

From there, the skiier ends up back in the water. As the boat of Bond’s pursuers admire the skiier wearing the top hat and holding the Heineken tray, they fail to see the rocks in front of their boat. The catapult up and over the rocks and into a private pool by the edge of the sea.

And the skiier is still holding the rope.

Ahead of her, one last pursuer remains. He pulls up adjacent to Bond’s boat and jumps inside. The water-skiier watches as Daniel Craig begins to fight with the man. In the process, he accidentally hits the boat’s brake. As a result, the water-skiier flies towards the back of the boat.

At the very last second, the water-skiier steps out of her waterski and onto Bond’s boat. She attempts to throw her top hat at the man Craig is fighting with — a la Oddjob from Goldfinger, but the hat bounces off of him harmlessly. Daniel points at a strap with a hook near the skiier’s feet. She grabs it and hooks it on the bad guys’ belt.

Daniel Craig then slams on the boat’s gas and it accelerates. A parasailing parachute opens and the bad guy flies out of the boat and into the sky.

Looking back at the woman in the boat holding the Heinekens, Daniel Craig asks, “Lunch?”

Here’s a look at the brand new Heineken ad featuring Daniel Craig.

[Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]