Kim Kardashian Suing Kylie Jenner As Lil Sis Tries To Top Her [Rumors]

Kim Kardashian is reportedly suing Kylie Jenner for jacking her style and her lifestyle. Several reports claim that Princess Kim is fed up with King Kylie mocking her personal style.

According to a report via Life & Style Magazine, Kim Kardashian is taking her 18-year-old sister to court for copping her sexy style. An inside source told the tabloid that the famous Kardashian sister is reportedly suing the famous Jenner sister for a cool $15 million. The magazine also went on to say that “Kardashian used to enjoy comparisons to sister Kylie Jenner,” but not so much anymore.

“Kim is fed up with how much Kylie is making by mimicking her. She says she’s entitled to at least 30 percent of those earnings. She’s had her attorney draft papers. Kylie is essentially using her likeness without her permission – so Kim has no problem suing her.”

The Jenner teen doesn’t believe that Kardashian will go all the way and sue her. She thinks their family drama is “ridiculous” and “won’t back down without a fight,” according to the anonymous source.

“Kylie insists she won’t give Kim a penny. Kylie thought that was the stupidest thing she ever heard. She shot back, ‘That’s never going to happen. You’re just a greedy b***h who’s never satisfied no matter what.”

Kylie Jenner is already on the fast track to becoming the next Kim Kardashian. A new report via the Celebrity Dirty Laundry claims that Jenner is seriously considering Vivid Entertainment’s $10 million offer. The adult film company wants Jenner and her boyfriend Tyga to make their own sex tape, just like Kardashian did with her ex Ray J.

Another report via OK! Magazine says that Kylie and Tyga already have their sex tapes made, and they’re deciding which one they should release first. Another alleged insider says that Kylie has no problem with filming their bedroom activities. So, that means that the controversial couple could release a series of sex tapes in the near future.

“They are no strangers to have cameras in the bedroom. They love filming themselves, especially because Kylie’s vanity is out of control. At this point they already have more than one sex tape to choose from, if Kylie decides to take Vivid up on their offer.”

If the reports about Kylie Jenner’s sex tape prove to be true, then her bank account will continue to grow and rival Kim Kardashian. Kylie’s already beating out Kim with the release of their new apps and websites.

According to a previous report via the Inquisitr, the Kylie Jenner app is already No. 1 than on Apple’s AppStore and iTunes. About 74 percent of Kardashian-Jenner app users downloaded the Kylie Jenner app within the first 24 hours it was released. Only nine percent downloaded the Kim Kardashian app.

Even though fans are quick to compare Kylie to Kim, the sisters wanted to show their personalities and personal styles on their new ventures. The Kylie Jenner app focuses more on beauty, while the Kim Kardashian app focuses on fashion and shopping.

Jen Garcia, the editor behind the Kardashian-Jenner apps, told WWD: “[The sisters] wanted each of these apps to be reflective of their different personalities. You’re going to see overalp but also really personal themes.”

Garcia also explained how Kylie’s style is more eclectic in comparison to Kim’s: “she’s really setting herself apart…you’re going to see that with her content. You’re going to see fashion and beauty but you’re going to see them done in a unique way.”

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[Image: Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Kardashian/Jenner Apps]