The League App: ‘Tinder’ For LinkedIn Elite Selling Their VIP Passes For $100 On Craigslist

Even those who’ve never used a dating app have heard of Tinder — but now there’s a Tinder clone type dating app called The League that’s only for elite folks whose LinkedIn profiles are good enough to pass muster. Founded by Amanda Bradford, The League”raised $2.1 million, reports Business Insider, in order to help power couples hook up and perhaps create a power family with power kids.

Bradford’s own LinkedIn page is very League-worthy, with the founder and CEO of The League, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but also launched now in New York as well, enjoying a tagline that calls The League an app to help movers and shakers “Date Intelligently” with the help of the Stanford Graduate School of Business alum.

The League purports to be a dating app that takes off where others fail. Instead of endlessly swiping through Tinder profiles full of people that aren’t their type, users of The League dating app might be able to find folks in their stratosphere, “on the low-low.” It’s a dating app that gives you everything you want, without having to work to hard at it. It will hide your profile from business contacts, friends, family, etc. That way you can date in secret without needing to share it with the world. They also will do a bit of a background check on the other users, so you don’t have to if you don’t have the time or desire.

The League app took off in popularity so fast, according to Business Insider, they have a very long wait list that is 100,000 people long. The publication got inside The League, giving a peek at the app with plenty of high powered singles looking for love that are looking to get on a classier dating app.

Because users can either get into the app via signing up for the wait list or by getting a VIP pass from a current member, people are trying all that they can to get in this exclusive dating world. One listed VIP access to the League by selling a VIP pass for the app on Craigslist for as high as $100 — but that Craigslist listing is currently shut down.

Meanwhile, the founder of the League writes on Twitter about still coding for the app. wrote about being a geek girl and the sole founder.

I still write the code for the algorithms at

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