Kate Middleton And Prince William: Date At Rugby World Cup Is Adorable [Photos]

Kate Middleton and Prince William left the kids with the nanny to attend the 2015 Rugby World Cup opening ceremony in Twickenham, England on Friday, and the pictures are adorable.

There is no question that any time the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge make a public appearance together, all eyes are on the royal couple. It was no different Friday, when the pair came to watch the match between England and Fiji.

This was the first official event attended by both Kate Middleton and Prince William, following her return to royal duties after about four-months of maternity leave. The couple’s second child, Princess Charlotte, was born on May 2 and the Duchess was not seen in an official capacity since then.

Even after four-years of marriage and two kids, Kate Middleton and Prince William couldn’t stop themselves. They looked into each others’ eyes, shared secrets, and enjoyed the rugby match. The royal couple was joined by Prince Harry, who was seen wearing a bushy beard and enthusiastically supporting Team GB.

Kate Middleton, sporting her new bangs, wore a royal blue Reiss coat, while Prince William was very handsome in a navy blue suit and print tie. They were seen really getting into it and discussing what was happening on the field. Kate was very interested in the proceedings and whispered her impressions into her husband’s ear in an endearing moment.

Kate Middleton and Prince William were obviously enjoying their time together and were seen laughing and rooting for the home team. This was only the second time Kate was seen at an official event after giving birth to Princess Charlotte.

On Thursday, the Duchess of Cambridge made a solo appearance at the Anna Freud Centre in London, which helps children with mental illnesses. Kate Middleton debuted her bangs on this occasion and in a rare turn of events the reactions were mixed, but after her outing with Prince William people seem more accepting of the Duchess’ new look.

We will surely see more of Kate Middleton and Prince Williams as she gets back into the thick of things and resumes her royal duties full-time.

[Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images]