Demi Lovato Admits She Hasn’t Listened To BFF’s New Album

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez have had a pretty tight friendship over the years, but with both their careers taking off, it’s getting harder and harder for the two former Disney Channel stars to get together and catch up. While Lovato said she got to have dinner with Selena recently, she has yet to listen to her latest music.

Demi told Entertainment Tonight that she and Selena were able to catch up while at a mutual friend’s house, and they posted a selfie together on Instagram for the first time since early last year.

“It was at someone’s house and there was quite a few people there, but we sat across from each other. It was just fun to catch up and see each other,” Lovato said.

Although they’ve been friends for a long time, fans were worried about their relationship last year after Demi reportedly unfollowed Selena on social media. But Demi says it was just a matter of two people growing apart, and it appears they have reconnected. In 2013, Selena told i-D Magazine that she was proud of her friend for overcoming several issues she was battling, including an eating disorder and bipolar disorder; she would later turn to Demi Lovato after a very public breakup with Justin Bieber.

“I’m very proud of Demi and her being able to accept the challenges she went through, but also for staying a good role model to people who do struggle with the things that she’s gone through. I’ve always been taught that you are who you surround yourself with. So if you surround yourself with good positive people you can only do good things for them and they can only do good things for you,” Selena said.

Demi says she is fully supportive of her friend, but has had an insanely busy schedule due to a tour and her newest album and hasn’t had time to check out Selena’s latest work.

“I really want to hear her new music. I like new stuff.”

Meanwhile, Demi Lovato has been making time for her new friend Iggy Azalea, and will serve as a bridesmaid when she ties the knot with Nick Young.

“I think she’s taking her time but yeah I’m excited. We’ve become pretty close over the past year,” Demi Lovato said.

[Photo by Mindy Small/FilmMagic]