Guitar Boy: Man Builds Working Guitar That Double As Huge Working Nintendo Game Boy

Sometimes, there are those things in life that you didn’t know that you wanted or needed until you actually see it. Half the time, it’s simply because those items don’t even exist, but now there is one that does that you may have never dreamed of. For many people, they may have never thought it possible, but now there is the Guitar Boy.

Yes, a man has built a fully functioning guitar that has a body which looks just like a huge Nintendo Game Boy. Making matters even better is that the guitar isn’t the only thing that functions properly as the Game Boy does as well, per Hack A Day.

Per The Next Web, Fibbef is the person that created the awesome Guitar Boy, and he’s an enterprising admin over on the Bit Fix Gaming boards. It appears as if he thought it unnecessary to have both a guitar and a Nintendo Game Boy so he wanted them together.

The buttons on the body of the Guitar Boy will indeed work to control the game that is played on the screen beneath the strings on the guitar. Making matters even cooler is that the A and B buttons for the Game Boy double as the volume and tone dials for the guitar.

If you’re thinking that Fibbef is keeping all the secrets of the Guitar Boy to himself, then you’re wrong. He actually is more than happy to provide the info he has for the exhibition piece he built for the 2015 Game Boy Classic build-off.

The Game Boy emulator is powered by a Raspeberry Pi B+ running RetroPie v2.3 and a 2,200 mAh battery, which provides the power to a 5-inch LCD screen. This can be used perfectly for all your game-playing needs. Unfortunately, both Game Boy and guitar can’t be used at the same time, but that’s asking a bit much anyway.

The entire body is hand made, and that includes the plexiglass shell covers.

For those that want to follow along with his entire build of the Guitar Boy from beginning to completion, simply check out Bit Fix Gaming. It’s incredibly impressive to see how he takes two semi-common items and turns them into something so magnificent.

The Guitar Boy is truly something that not many people ever knew they wanted or needed. Now knowing that one does exist and building more is possible, it makes you crave an item that mixes together two fantastic beauties into one amazing creation.

[Image via Hackaday]