WWE Rumors, Spoilers: Huge Surprise Being Teased By Main Event Star For ‘Night Of Champions’ Tonight

Lots and lots of rumors are going around about tonight’s Night of Champions WWE event, and it’s going to be interesting to see what comes true. One of the biggest teases in the past few weeks has been for something that may or may not happen with the WWE title. Sting is taking on Seth Rollins for the belt, but would Sheamus really cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase on either man?

The tease of the cash-in has been happening big-time courtesy of WWE over the past two or three weeks. Sheamus has even blatantly threatened Seth Rollins with cashing in, and he’s still doing it on the morning of the Pay-Per-View event, as WrestleZone pointed out.

It almost seems too obvious of a “spoiler alert,” and like something that just wouldn’t come true because it’s so incredibly blatant. Then again, WWE could be looking to swerve the swerve and really have Sheamus cash in when it’s least expected, but still expected.

The Daily DDT is saying that Sheamus should indeed cash in at Night of Champions because it makes perfect sense. They believe Sheamus and Rollins are the future of the company and it makes for a perfect feud between the two.

The issue with Sheamus cashing in at Night of Champions is that it could really turn off a huge amount of the audience/viewers. If Seth Rollins retains the title, then it wouldn’t be that bad because it sets up a good feud, but who would be the babyface?

On the other hand, if Sting ends up winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title and then Sheamus comes out to cash-in and takes the title, fans may revolt. Sting winning his first ever WWE title would be a huge moment in wrestling history, and they may not want it tarnished by Sheamus.

Then again, it could be the perfect way to bring immense amounts of heat on the Irishman holding the briefcase. From there, would Seth Rollins want to face off with Sheamus and win his title back or would Sting? Or is Sting going to disappear again for a while?

Night of Champions is certainly building up to be a huge event with a lot of shocking opportunities. Sheamus cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase is just one of the many rumors going around, and it could spell bad news for either Sting or Seth Rollins.

[Image via WWE]