‘The Real Ashley Madison’ YouTube Video Gets 324,000 Views In 2 Days — Plus 700 Likes, Dislikes [Video]

There’s a new video on YouTube, titled “The Real Ashley Madison” that’s taking off with lots of buzz on Sunday, September 20. As seen below, “The Real Ashley Madison” has swelled to 320,850 views (update: 324,000+ views) in the two days since the video was uploaded to YouTube on September 18. As the video opens, a beautiful woman with red hair and green eyes proclaims that she’s Ashley Madison, and using a candle, this Ashley temptingly entices viewers to get away from the doldrums of their daily lives. However, in light of the suicides the Ashley Madison hack prompted, including a pastor who committed suicide when his name was revealed in the hacking, some are finding the YouTube video “The Real Ashley Madison” distasteful.

“The real Ashley Madison wants you to start a new love affair with the Atlanta Hawks.”

That’s because the new YouTube video is all a 30-second promo for the Atlanta Hawks, and while it’s creative, the video is still gaining criticism. The Ashley Madison hacking has prompted lawsuits from former users of the site — along with a man from the Chicagoland area, because the 40-year-old wanted to continue using the website, minus the fake female profiles found on Ashley Madison.

Another lawsuit against Ashley Madison, as reported by Law360, was launched from three ex-Ashley Madison users who took on Amazon and GoDaddy for hosting search engines that made it easy for folks looking for names on the Ashley Madison leaked lists to find them. With so much seriousness going on with the Ashley Madison hacking, for the Hawks to make light of that situation, the team’s marketing folks are facing a bit of backlash.

But it’s not the first time that the Ashley Madison hack will find itself in parody videos, and even TV shows. The season finale of Mr. Robot mentioned the Ashley Madison hacking in a way that had viewers calling the episode prophetic. Meanwhile, YouTube video viewers are chiming in on the possible reasons for all the dislikes on the video, which are running neck-in-neck with the amount of likes, which are each approximately 700 as of this writing. It’s interesting that the video has a total of about 1,400 likes or dislikes with so many views — with the 1,400 likes and dislikes representing a lot less than the typical 10 percent response rate based on 320,850 views.

“I’m guessing all the dislikes are coming from people [whose] significant others caught them using Ashley Madison?”

[Image via “The Real Ashley Madison” YouTube video]