Honda Unveils New Civic — Car Will Shed The ‘Cheap And Boring’ Image? [Video]

Honda will soon launch the latest iteration of Civic, its popular sedan (and sometimes coupe) in the U.S.

Honda Motor Corporation (HMC) recently unveiled the final production-ready version of the 2016 Civic. The sedan is completely prepped for delivery to showrooms. Though the company managed to sell almost 326,000 units of the car last year, the sales have shown a noticeable decline. The company thinks the car’s persona needed an urgent makeover, and detach it from the “cheap and boring” image that the car seemed to have been associated with.

The 2016 Honda Civic is the 10th iteration of the car. This version will come in sedan, coupe, hatchback, and two high-performance versions. The company has assured that despite the variations, all the versions have been built on completely new underpinnings that will be used worldwide, reported MSN.

What to expect from the 2016 Civic? The company claims it has taken pains to ensure the new Civic doesn’t look anything like its economy versions that were launched in recent years. With a meatier engine and a sportier look, Honda is promising “better performance.”

The company has infused its new VTEC turbo engine in the new Civic. The new cars are almost 2 inches wider than the older models, an inch lower, and 1.2 inches longer between the wheels. In simple words, the new Civic has a longer wheelbase and longer hood, as well as 20-inch performance wheels. But thanks to the new engine and the fact the new Civic is a good 68 pounds lighter, the car sports lower air intakes, and some sparkling new LED headlights, reported CNN.

Apart from cosmetic improvements, the new Honda Civic sports new transmissions as well as suspensions, said the company. In real world conditions, these aspects should accord a more lean and athletic presence on the road. Interestingly, the 2016 Civic is Honda’s first model in the U.S. to use a turbocharger.

For years, the Civic has been reliably pulling in sales. Despite being labelled as drab and underwhelming by many car enthusiasts, the Civic has always been perceived as a reliable workhorse for the everyday commuter. Speaking about the new iteration, John Mendel, executive vice president and head of U.S. marketing and sales for Honda, said as follows.

“Increased sales will come because the Civic is aiming higher than its competitors in the compact class. I think it ups the game for everybody, certainly in the competitive class.”

It’s clear that the company is looking to infuse some spark and fun into riding the Civic. Perhaps the new iteration might be just the right blend of these aspects.

[Image Credit: Honda via Motor Authority]