Apple iPhone 6S To Be Pricey, A Man Offers Kidney To Get One

How much is Apple’s new iPhone 6S going to cost you? A man offered his kidney to get his hands on one.

Will the iPhone 6S series break your budget?

Just over a week ago, Apple finally unveiled the iPhone 6S as their next device in their line of smartphones and phablets at the San Francisco-based Bill Graham Civic Center. It raised a lot of excitement among the technological community. Packed with features and details, the iPhone 6S is sure to sell more than its predecessor, the iPhone 6, in no time.

Cell phone providers have not begun their commercials and sales pitches just yet. They truly do not have to, as Apple essentially sales itself. When the September 25 release date comes, there will be people lined up in droves waiting to get their hands on an iPhone 6S and an iPhone 6S Plus. That is when the ads will come. There has not been many ads, if any, to be shown thus far. Why? The pending price may have something to do with that.

How much will the Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus be listed as?

According to a Forbes report, the Apple iPhone 6S series will be $100 more than the original listed price of the iPhone 6 series. That is primarily because the 16GB version of the new iPhone will be nonexistent.

The sound that you hear is the sound of broken piggy banks.

If you are going to be one of the many people who will stand in line to get your hands on an iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, get ready to fork over a ton of cash.

The smartphone market today is similar to financing or leasing a car. When purchasing a smartphone through a major cell phone provider, you are allowed to lease it or finance it at 0 percent interest. While leasing or financing a smartphone is different in price that of a car, once you apply that to your cellphone bill, that will be $200, perhaps even higher monthly bill, puts it in a similar category as a vehicle.

The price of the Apple iPhone 6S series is cringe-worthy.

Verizon’s current price for the 16GB iPhone 6 is $649. Their 64GB version is $749. The $749 price is closer to what you should expect to pay when the iPhone 6S series is available.

Is that too much to pay for a smartphone?

That depends on what you value when it comes to your devices.

According to the Chinese-based website, the Shanghiiest, a man actually offered his kidney in order to get his hands on the iPhone 6S. There is also a sperm bank offering the rose gold model to select donors.

What is going to happen next year when the iPhone 7 comes out? One can only help but wonder if another organ, or limb, will be offered.

If you are someone who is business-minded and do not want to go to the extreme of offering your kidney or donating sperm, ask yourself this question. Is the iPhone 6S series going to help you with accomplishing your tasks?

If you can find an alternative, you probably will. If you do not already own the original iPhone 6, that model will certainly drop in price before the holiday shopping period. The predecessor will turn into a good value in a couple of months.

As for the rest us, most of us like flashy, functional smartphones that will allow us to play games, Facebook, text, and all of the things we would do to communicate with each other. We will also use a smartphone to check our email from time to time. The iPhone 6S series may be out of our price range, though that will not stop some of us from getting our hands on one. We may not give up a kidney for it, but we will strain our budgets.

With the price of the iPhone 6S series set to be $100 more than the iPhone 6 due to storage concerns, is the smartphone worth breaking the bank for? How about giving up your kidney for it? Let’s hear your thoughts.

[Photo by Stephen Lam / Getty Images News]