WWE News: Virgil Claims He Schooled Donald Trump In Swagger

Former WWE wrestler Virgil is taking credit for Donald Trump's brash persona and self-confidence.

Virgil is perhaps best known for portraying the bodyguard for heel Ted DiBiase, the Million Dollar Man, in the-then World Wrestling Federation.

Virgil, whose real name is Mike Jones, also signified his interest on Twitter in being Trump's running mate if the real estate mogul and ex-reality show star becomes the Republican nominee for president in election 2016.

If only wrestlers are under consideration for number two in a potential Trump administration, Hulk Hogan may have beat him to the punch for the vice presidential slot on the Donald Trump ticket, however.

Virgil also recently took to social media to support Hogan after the N-word controversy, which caused the WWE to cut ties with one of its biggest stars.

Donald Trump is still the front-runner for the nomination as things stand today, but after strong performance in Wednesday night's GOP debate on CNN, business executive Carly Fiorina is apparently gaining momentum and has taken the lead in New Hampshire according to one new poll.

Donald Trump himself has been a long-time fan of the WWE and is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Virgil told TMZ that he allegedly took The Donald under his wing (or bicep perhaps) when they crossed paths at WWE shows during Virgil's heyday in the professional wrestling organization.

"Virgil watched Trump verbally spar with Carly Fiorina and Jeb Bush at this week's debate, and thinks he was simply giving the crowd what it wants -- a great show. Virgil says he met Donald at WWE events in the '80s and '90s, and claims the business mogul picked his brain for tips on being a great showman. Now, he believes his swagger tips could take Donald all the way, telling us...'People like the spectacle. People want to see confidence. He is confident just like a wrestler.'"
Added Virgil: "All people want to know is that they can pay the bills and live a good life. They want confidence they can eat."
Virgil often shows up these days at wrestling conventions to sell his autograph, with varying degrees of success to put it mildly, which prompted the "lonely Virgil" internet meme.

He has also established a GoFundMe page, asking fans to contribute money to make him a million dollar man in real life. "I have been around the world 30 times and my life has always been about the hustle...now it is...MY TIME to be the Millionaire," Virgil explains on the webpage. So far, the effort has raised about $400.

The unmerciful comments posted on the fundraising page about this initiative have laid the smackdown on Donald Trump fan Virgil, however.

[image credit: Mister Leung]