Benny Madrid: MMA Fighter Thanks His Wife And His Girlfriend After Big Win

MMA fighter Benny Madrid took a big victory at the World Series of Fighting, and he was proud of his accomplishment. In his post-fight interview, he wanted to send out thanks to those who have stood behind him so he ended up thanking his wife…and his girlfriend.

Athletes in any sport are known to thank those they love and those who have supported them throughout their careers. Often times, the big thanks go out to trainers, spouses, significant others, kids, and the like.

Benny Madrid ended up thanking both of the women closest to him.

“Thank you everyone who believed in me…my wife and girlfriend.”

Yes, you read that correctly, and those in attendance heard it correctly. As Fansided reported, Madrid did use the same breath to thank both his wife and his girlfriend after defeating Jeff Fletcher in their fight.

It could have been just a cute pet name he calls his wife, but not many really believe that. It was firmly believed that Benny Madrid just completely and totally admitted to cheating on his wife on national television, but he has since cleared it all up.

Madrid took to the Facebook page of Sports Illustrated to let the world know exactly what he meant by his comments after the fight. It appears it was quite innocent.

“Lol it’s my girlfriend/fiancé that’s going to be my wife.. Was caught up in the moment”

Madrid even commented back to a few people who were commenting about what he said after the fight. At one point, Madrid even said “Love u babe” and tagged Tracy Cortez on Facebook.

The victory went to Benny Madrid after he forced Jeff Fletcher to submit at the World Series of Fighting. The submission came via a rear chokehold that Madrid applied to Fletcher just one minute and 26 seconds into round one.

Benny Madrid is nicknamed “El Hijo” and is 35 years old with a record of eight wins and three losses. The victory over Fletcher actually broke a three-fight losing streak for Madrid after winning his first seven fights.

The fight is over and Benny Madrid picked up a big victory at the World Series of Fighting that helped him stop his slide. A victory over Jeff Fletcher was taken over by the attention going to his words after the fight in which Madrid thanked his wife and girlfriend, but he did clear things up and let everyone know it was simply a misunderstanding.

[Image via Benny Madrid YouTube]