A Booster Gold And Blue Beetle Movie May Be In The Works From Warner Bros.

DC Comics and Warner Bros. do have a rather full slate of movies coming out in the next decade, but there is always room for one or two more. Now, the rumor of another comic book movie is one that isn’t exactly well known to everyone, but it would certainly be a popular choice. Rumor has it that a movie is in the works from DC Entertainment that would bring Booster Gold and Blue Beetle to the big screen.

According to Tracking Board, rumor has it that Warner Bros. is indeed looking at a team-up feature film involving the two superheros. It appears as if Greg Berlanti (Arrow and The Flash) is going to be heavily involved in the making of the film.

Julia Spiro is set to oversee for Warner Bros., while Sarah Scechter is going to executive produce along with Berlanti, who will also direct.

As for the writer of the script? Heroic Hollywood states that Zak Penn is actually heavily rumored to put pen to paper for Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. Penn is the writer of scripts for X-Men: The Last Stand and The Incredible Hulk.

Penn also came up with the initial draft for Marvel’s The Avengers.

Dan Jurgens created Booster Gold back in 1986 and he is the superhero identity of Michael Jon Carter, a resident of the 25th century who travels back in time to present day DC Universe. At that time, he uses his futuristic technology to become a big-time hero.

Booster Gold doesn’t look to be a hero of justice and peace though as he signs lots of endorsement deals and proceeds to promote himself shamelessly.

His partner, Blue Beetle, is very different. He’s a hero of legacy with three different men having worn the suit and mask. At different points in time, two Blue Beetles (Ted Kord and Jaime Reyes) were partners with Booster Gold.

A lot of the things that happen between Booster Gold and Blue Beetle during their team-ups are comedic and provide great laughs in the comics. It is expected that they will be part of the Justice League movies in the future as they are both members of the team in comic books.

A Booster Gold and Blue Beetle movie is something that many fans have wanted for a long time, and it may end up happening. Sure, right now it’s just a rumor, but DC Comics and Warner Bros. could see a lot of potential in the film and make it a part of the DC Entertainment universe.

[Image via DC Comics]