Ernie Hudson, AKA Winston Zeddemore, Will Appear In ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot

The reboot of Ghostbusters has gotten a lot of attention for its all-female team, the cameo appearance of Bill Murray, and so much more. Now, along with Dan Aykroyd and Murray, Ernie Hudson will join his former partners in the film as he has been confirmed to appear in the reboot, but we don’t necessarily know if it will be as Winston Zeddemore.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hudson is going to be in the film, but it isn’t known what role he will be taking on. One would expect him to step into the shoes of his character from the 1984 original and the 1989 sequel, but that info just isn’t out there yet.

Sony has declined to comment on Hudson’s role in Ghostbusters.

Late last year, Ernie Hudson had spoken out against the idea of an all-female team for the Ghostbusters reboot. As Cinema Blend reported back in October, Hudson went as far as to say it “would be a bad idea” and that he didn’t think “the fans want to see that.”

Once the cast was revealed to be Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones, Hudson changed his tune. He actually was very supportive of the idea and overly compliementary of them.

“Four fiercely funny, foxy, females busting ghosts… phenomenal!”

Ernie Hudson was seen on the set for the Ghostbusters reboot on Saturday which was the final day of shooting before wrap.

With the addition of Hudson to the cast, that makes three of the original Ghostbusters‘ team appearing in the reboot. Harold Ramis unfortunately won’t be appearing after his tragic passing back in February of 2014.

Bill Murray just recently agreed to be a part of the reboot within the last month, and he’s even given some details on his role. He won’t be back as Dr. Peter Venkman, but a doubter of the team who wants to prove that they are a fraud.

That pretty much means that Aykroyd won’t be back as Raymond Stantz either. Originally, it was thought that the four original Ghostbusters would pass the torch, or proton pack, to the new team but the death of Ramis stopped that from happening.

Ernie Hudson will indeed be in the Ghostbusters reboot from director Kevin Feig that is going to hit theaters on July 15, 2016. The all-female team has caused concern at times, but many are looking forward to it now and old faces will bring some comfort even if one isn’t actually Winston Zeddemore.

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