Meghan Trainor Reports Therapy After Vocal Cord Surgery

Meghan Trainor has reported entering therapy after her vocal cord surgery early Wednesday morning. This is one of few updates we’ve seen regarding the singer’s condition after she had to cancel her tour due to a vocal cord hemorrhage. Since that time, she hasn’t been very loud about her condition or her recovery process, although she has kept fans in the loop with the occasional social media update.

To the relief of many of her fans, Trainor posted a selfie to Instagram with a caption about the next step in her recovery process. According to Twist Magazine, the caption read:

“Keeping you all updated on my vocal chords: I’ve started vocal therapy to strengthen my chords so I can get started on my next album. So far I’m having a little pain but it’s normal, (it’s like trying to use a pulled muscle after not using it for a while) but I sound pretty good😉 love you all for your support and kind words💎.”

It sounds like the singer is doing well (even though the photo she shared showed her with a pretty forlorn expression) and will hopefully return to her old musical self soon. It’s good that she’s taking this time to recover, since it would be a shame for her to lose her vocal talents due to a rushed recovery. Her fans are dying to hear new music from her, so it’s important that she take this time to rest up and recover fully before taking to the stage again and severely damaging her vocals all over again.

This is the second update Meghan has shared with her fans via Instagram. She also shared a post-surgery photo collage with the caption:

“My before and after pics. I look so hurt haha I survived tho! Thank you Dr. Nasseri for being my hero. Now just napping all day long on the couch with mama and getting free head rubs 😍 any movie suggestions?”

From this update, it doesn’t look like Meghan was having such a hard time with her surgery, although it was probably more difficult than she made it look. Having your entire livelihood taken away temporarily because of an injury must have been pretty devastating.

Thankfully, Trainor fans have had her two most popular songs, “All About That Bass” and “Lips Are Movin’,” to keep them company during her song-recording absence. She’s also shared the occasional update to let her fans know that she cares.

One that she posted just before she entered surgery reported, “I miss touring and seeing you all… Getting my surgery done tomorrow morning. Thanks for the support..”

Meghan Trainor’s devoted followers are wishing her all the best with a speedy recovery as she goes through therapy following her vocal cord surgery.

[Image via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]