Ed Sheeran Visits Gay Strip Club With Taylor Swift’s Dancers: ‘It Was Quite Fun’

Ed Sheeran is a young, healthy male and enjoys the times when he can let loose and have a little fun, especially when he’s touring. Recently appearing on Australian show Sunrise, Ed let spill to hosts David Koch and Samantha Armytage how he recently spent his time in Atlanta.

“The last time I was in Atlanta I went out with Taylor Swift’s dancers and we went to this gay strip club called Swinging Richards which was quite fun.”

If Ed Sheeran invited Taylor Swift’s dancers to come along, then there is only one question to ask. Where was Taylor? Apparently, she wasn’t invited and she was rather upset about that.

Well, only mildly upset; she loves Ed Sheeran. Ed also revealed that the guys stripping at the club were straight. They were just a bunch of college guys earning some extra cash!

But his frequenting of strip clubs doesn’t mean that Ed Sheeran isn’t into the ladies. While it is true Ed broke up with girlfriend Athina Andrelos earlier this year, rumors have been flying about his love life. Some rumors have him paired with Nicole Scherzinger, but both of them denied this, saying they are just friends. Other rumors have Ed Sheeran dating his long-time friend and high school classmate Cherry Seaborn. According to Music News, a source revealed she is just the right woman for Ed.

“There was always something there between them. Ed had a crush on Cherry at school, but she had a boyfriend then. I don’t think Ed wants to date another celebrity again, having been burned too many times, and Cherry is definitely his type.”

In fact, just this past Labor Day weekend, Ed Sheeran was spotted in Las Vegas with Cherry and, as Us Weekly reports, it turns out that the rumors that the two are a couple might just be true. A source close to Ed Sheeran said the two are officially dating.

Ed and Cherry’s weekend fun was captured by Ed Sheeran’s good friend Calvin Harris.


We know cutie Ed Sheeran is into the ladies and that he may just have a new leading lady in his life, but no matter what, he is sure to keep us on our toes with his free-time exploits. Strip clubs and all, Ed Sheeran sure knows how to have fun when he’s not onstage or in the recording studio singing his heart out.

[Photo: Ian Gavan / Getty Images]