WWE News: Backstage Update On Plan For Seth Rollins At Night Of Champions

Seth Rollins, the WWE World Heavyweight champion, is pulling double-duty at Night of Champions tomorrow evening. He will take on John Cena for the United States championship and Sting for his WWE World Heavyweight championship. It’s not often that a WWE star works two big matches on the same card. In recent memory, Daniel Bryan is the other man to do so and it was at WrestleMania 30.

There are multiple variables at Night of Champions that makes Rollins’ situation interesting. He could leave with one title, both belts or nothing at all. Rumors began to circulate a few weeks ago that he would retain both belts. In enough time to contradict that story, Rollins was still rumored to retain both championships.

Cageside Seats provides the latest report on Night of Champions, and it may predict the results for the WWE champion.

“It looks like the plan is for John Cena to beat Seth Rollins and then Rollins to beat Sting and Sheamus will not be cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase at Night of Champions. That could always change of course, but right now that appears to be the plan.”

Is this the proper move? Rollins can’t hold both championships for an extended period of time. Also, Sting winning the WWE title just isn’t a logical move. He understands his role in the WWE, just like the Undertaker, Triple H and Chris Jericho.

The impressive part about all of this is Seth Rollins’ work ethic and ability to work two matches in one night. Both are high-profile, which is fairly obvious due to Cena and Sting’s star power. Jim Ross, former-WWE announcer, has talked about Rollins and why he’s a fan of Seth “Freaking” Rollins.

“If Seth Rollins doesn’t become the next “it” guy in WWE it won’t be for a lack of exposure. I’m a Rollins fan because I see some of the great, HBK in him at times. plus I admire Rollins work ethic. WWE is walking a thin line in overexposing Seth, IMO, but thus far he is holding up well but it won’t always be that way if Rollins continues to be all over the TV every week. For those that think that Rollins is being booked “weak” I couldn’t disagree more. Heels of average size, like Rollins, are naturally vulnerable which isn’t a sign of weakness but a sign of reality.”

Night of Champions will provide a huge test for Rollins. The WWE should stagger the matches enough, so that Rollins is fresh for the main event. Sheamus is still a huge question mark. At anytime, WWE could want him to cash in his briefcase. If that were to take place tomorrow, expect a rowdy WWE crowd on Raw the next night.

[Image courtesy of WWE]