June 29, 2017
Lindsay Lohan’s Defamation Lawsuit Doesn’t Have Merit Because of A Single Reason: She Did Snort Drugs

It wasn't a good day for Lindsay Lohan in court. The judge who was hearing her defamation lawsuit against Fox News Channel refused to give merit to the case based on a single piece of truth; Lindsay Lohan has been proven to be an abuser of narcotics and such, any comments about the same are a fact and not insinuation.

Earlier this year, Lindsay Lohan had taken offense to a comment made by a guest on Fox News Channel. The guest had said "Lindsay Lohan's mom is doing cocaine with her." As an added measure, the guest also stated that Lohan's mother Dina was an "enabler," suggesting it was Lindsay's mother who might have been partially responsible for her daughter's obsession with drugs.

Clearly upset about such outright comments, both Lindsay Lohan and her mother Dina had filed defamation lawsuits against Fox News Channel as well as Sean Hannity. They alleged that the comments were insulting and demeaning. However, the judge hearing the cases wasn't moved by the defense offered by Lohan's lawyers and threw the case out with a powerful statement.

"Truth is a defense."
The judge clearly implied that since Lindsay Lohan has been a known abuser of drugs, who has done quite some time in rehabilitation centers and doing community service as penalties, the statements were mere fact and were based on the estranged star's sordid past. The judge even dismissed the case Dina had filed separately, saying though she was a public figure; the comment wasn't made with malicious intent.

Incidentally, Lindsay Lohan had once made a frantic phone call to her father from the back of a limousine, saying Dina was there besides her and, "Mom's on cocaine," reported TMZ.

It is quite evident that the judge knew about Lindsay Lohan's history with drugs quite well. Though there is no hard evidence to support the assumptions, it is quite apparent that Dina Lohan may have been one of the worst enablers for her daughter's obsession with narcotics, reported The Hollywood Gossip.

Incidentally, though the judge has thrown out Lohan's defamation lawsuit against Fox News Channel and Sean Hannity, there's no confirmation about the outcome of the Lindsay's suit against the guest on Hannity's show who made the comment. However, given the clear outcome of these cases, the lawsuit against the guest might as well meet with the same fate.

Interestingly, Lindsay has quite a knack for filing defamation lawsuits, reported MSN. But so far, none of them have yielded any sizeable returns for the troubled star.

[Image Credit | Joe Klamer-Pool / Getty Images]