Single Mom Posts Viral Letter To Teenage Son, Gets Blocked By Facebook

A single mom posted a letter to her teenage son on Facebook telling him to start behaving or start paying the bills and the letter went viral. As she admitted to using a pseudonym on her social media account, Facebook then blocked her.

Using the name Estella Havisham, the single mom posted a letter to her 13-year-old son Aaron, telling him that he appeared to have forgotten he was “only 13 and I’m the parent.”

As the kid said he is now earning money, the single mom went ahead and listed all the bills that he needs to pay to support his upkeep, including $21 for the internet, $430 for rent, $150 for food and $116 for electricity. She said he must repay her for things she had bought him in the past and then outlined how Aaron must do his bit around the house, including cleaning his room and bathroom, emptying the garbage, and generally making his own meals.

She told Aaron that if he wasn’t happy with the terms, they could make a deal, and said if he would become “child again, instead of roommate, we can renegotiate terms.”

The post on Facebook received almost 90,000 likes and was shared an amazing 162,000 times. As reported on the Inquisitr, other parents applauded her “tough love” approach.

After the post went viral on Facebook, the single mom admitted that she only intended the post to be seen by friends and family and was totally astonished when it went viral.

The Twitter equivalent of the letter is currently going a little slower and that version can be seen here along with another message that her Facebook account had been disabled.

According to the Mirror Online, Estella admitted that she used a pseudonym on Facebook as she is a survivor of domestic abuse, and it turned out this was a mistake, as Facebook picked up on the comment and blocked her account. She immediately headed back to Twitter.

In a further post, the single mom said, “I am not sure if I ever updated on what transpired with FB. Could never talk to a human. I was forced into using my real name to reactivate.”

She made an impassioned post on Facebook about the social media site’s insensitivity to anonymity.

On her renamed Facebook account, the single mom has since posted a note reading, “As a parent, I get excited every time my son has a success in real life and online. This is more ‘his world’ – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, not so much mine. Never, in my wildest dreams, would I have imagined, that because of a silly airhead moment, something that I wrote would turn viral.”

“I have received both praise and condemnation for my letter to my son with his ‘bill’ if he decided that he no longer needed to follow rules. And though I posted it publicly by error, I believe everything happens for a reason.”

Speaking of the original letter, the single mom said that she shamed her son on Facebook merely to “make a point” and she did stress that she wouldn’t really kick him out of the house.

[Image: Typical teenager’s room CC BY 2.0 Ari Putri]