Han Solo Pop Tarts Look Good Enough To Eat, But Don’t Do It

Pop Tarts and Han Solo.

Chances are that most fans of the iconic Star Wars character would never have thought of pairing the Millennium Falcon pilot with the popular toaster pastry.

However, that is apparently no longer the case. Thanks to Falcon Toys, the mere concept of Han Solo on the frosted side of a Pop Tart has many Star Wars fans overly excited.

According to Thrillist, Falcon Toys used the memorable image of Han Solo frozen in carbonite from The Empire Strikes Back and placed it within the topping of a frosted Pop Tart.

Before you head out to the local grocery store and hunt the popular breakfast item down, there are two important points to consider first:

1. The Han Solo Pop Tarts are not currently sold in grocery stores and that’s primarily because

2. These Pop Tarts are not food – they are toys.

Thrillist reports that the Han Solo Pop Tarts toys are made out of resin. Each of the 15 delicious “treats” developed in a limited run were hand-painted to look just like an authentic toaster pastry that is good enough to eat.

Even the packaging of the Han Solo pastry nearly mirrored the standard packaging of Kellogg’s Pop Tarts today in the supermarket. At first glance, you might even think that the two boxes are identical until you realize that Falcon Toys’ version is “Pop Art” instead of “Pop Tarts.”

According to the Falcon Toys website, the Han Solo pastries are now sold out.

However, as seen on social media, the overall development of the Han Solo Pop Tarts made a significant impact and become a trending topic of sorts.

The Han Solo Pop Tarts toy is not the first time that the character’s body in carbonite has been used creatively for merchandising purposes. According to IGN, a deluxe edition of the highly-anticipated game Star Wars Battlefront will come with a mini-fridge that features Han Solo frozen in carbonite on the door.

[Image Credit: Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images & GoFobo Twitter]