Chris Soules Breakup Details: ‘I Know He Is Happy And Moving On’ Says ‘DWTS’ Partner

Chris Soules announced that he had ended his relationship with Whitney Bischoff shortly after his stint on Dancing with the Stars. Soules had been focusing on dancing and winning the competition and not as much on working on his brand new relationship. Many believed the rumors that Soules was hooking up with Witney Carson and that there was sexual chemistry between them, but he never confirmed anything.

Instead, Chris Soules was caught snapping pictures with an upset Whitney Bischoff, who wanted nothing more than to spend time with her future husband. Sadly, things didn’t work out, and fans never got an explanation as to why things didn’t work out. As it turns out, Soules’ dance partner Witney did experience a bit of the drama behind closed doors.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Chris Soules has been keeping silent about his breakup, but his former dance partner has no problem spilling the beans. As Carson reveals, the two still talk frequently, and she wants him to come out to Los Angeles more often.

“He actually texted me today to wish me good luck and told us he was cheering for us from home,” Witney revealed to OK Magazine, adding that she is desperately trying to get Chris Soules to Los Angeles, revealing, “He’s stuck up in Iowa farming! … I told him that he needs to take a break and come experience the LA life, but he is not down for it.”

There have been plenty of rumors that Chris Soules is dating Carson. The two have been dancing up a storm around the country and making appearances together. If his dance partner is the reason why Chris and Whitney split, then this is surely painful for Bischoff to relive. But don’t expect Soules’ dance partner to move to Iowa. In fact, she hopes that Chris finds someone who can stand the farming life and love it as much as he does.

“I was sad to see that. I know he is happy and moving on. I know they are both moving on and wish them both the best,” she reveals, adding, “I hope he finds someone who supports his farming and is okay being in the middle of nowhere. He loves it so much. I hope he marries someone who supports that.”

Chris has been working away on the farm, sharing pictures on social media. It doesn’t sound like he has a desire to return to the spotlight.

What do you think of Chris Soules’ breakup with Whitney? Do you think the farming life got in between them or do you think it was the fame?

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