Jeremy Calvert Reveals He Has A New Girlfriend In ‘Teen Mom 2’ Deleted Scene, Regrets Having A Child With Leah Messer [Video]

Jeremy Calvert finalized his divorce from Leah Messer on last night’s new episode of Teen Mom 2 Season 6, and in a deleted scene shared by MTV on September 17, he was seen looking back on their split while chatting with a friend.

“I’m a single motherf—er now. I’m not married. That’s a f—ing plus. It’s over… it’s over. The papers are signed.”

While Jeremy Calvert’s friend says he’s heard “I’m done” before, Jeremy Calvert insists it’s really over this time — and for good.

Then, when the friend asks what he would do if Messer tries to get back with him one she’s completed treatment, Jeremy Calvert says, “F—ing run! Run as far away as I can… I’m running like a motherf—er this time.”

“It’s been f—ing hell. No more, f— that. It’s peaceful, my house is f—ing home. I don’t know. I’ve been free. I’m talking to another girl… the one you met. She’s got her head on her shoulders. She has a job. She takes care of her kids on her own.”

Although Jeremy Calvert didn’t reveal who his new woman was, it is believed to be Brooke Wehr. Jeremy Calvert has been linked to Wehr for the last couple of months, and while they were rumored to have split weeks ago, Wehr teased fans with a photo earlier this week, which appeared to include a portion of Jeremy Calvert’s arm.

With an eventful day like today, I got to just keep wearing a smile on my face

— Brooke Wehr (@Brookelyn2008) September 16, 2015

As the conversation continued, Jeremy Calvert went on to tell his friend not to get married, after venting about his drama-filled relationship with Messer.

“I do not regret my daughter by no means but I damn sure regret who I had a child with.”

Jeremy Calvert and Messer first began experiencing marital troubles during the fifth season of Teen Mom 2. On the show, fans watched as Messer struggled with Calvert’s busy work schedule and attempted to convince him to go to couples counseling. Then, after Season 5 wrapped filming, Jeremy Calvert took to Twitter, where he accused Messer of cheating on him with Robbie Kidd. Although that issue was never addressed on the show, Jeremy Calvert filed for divorce the following months. In June, after several failed attempts at mending the relationship, the split was finalized, as fans saw on last night’s Teen Mom 2.

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