Guilty Dog Begs For Owner’s Forgiveness In Sweet Viral Dog Video [Watch]

A guilty dog is stealing the hearts of social media users yet again in the latest adorable guilty dog video. An Italian dog named Ettore, although guilty of some unknown crime, is desperate to get back into his owner’s good graces.

As he’s being admonished, the Labrador, wearing a guilty face, leaps into his owners arms apologetically, desperate for a hug. The video was posted by Facebook user Anthony Federica Granai, the owner of the guilty dog so desperate for redemption.

Although the video is in Italian, news site 9News.Au.comprovided a translation of the conversation between Mr. Granai and his guilty, but loving dog. As Mr. Granai sits on the couch, his yellow lab dons a redemptive face in an attempt to get into the owner’s good graces again. As the guilty dog silently but persistently pleads is case, the owner isn’t having any of it.

According to 9News.Au.Com, Anthony can be heard telling his guilty dog:

“Are you asking me to forgive you? I don’t understand,” Mr Granai tells the Labrador, who has committed some crime off camera.

“You are wrong, Ettore…Do you understand where you made the mistake?”

After Ettore jumps into his owner’s arms, the guilty dog then snuggles up to the forgiving Anthony Granai and gets the hug he’s so desperate for. The two then embrace, and all is forgiven.

The heart warming video of the guilty dog has clocked over 1 million shares and close to 26 million views on Facebook alone since owner Anthony Federica Granai posted it on September 14, 2015. Most of the comments to the latest guilty dog video have been in Italian, but it’s easy to see that viewers have fallen in love with Ettore.

The video has also been posted on YouTube on several channels, with one channel, Euronews 2015 garnering over 111,000 views since sharing the video on September 16. Viewers on YouTube also have fallen in love with the guilty dog, leaving emotional comments that reflect the strong ties between dogs and their owners.

YouTube user Angelica James-Garner summed it up best with her comment:

“SO CUTE!!! Poor guy, he feels so badly for whatever it was that he did.”

YouTube fan Khu NoPie offered a translation, from the perspective of the guilty dog:

“Translation – Man -Did you eat my spaghetti? Dog – Yes I did and I’ll do it again.”

Ettore isn’t the only dog making headlines on social media. It seems every week a new guilty dog video is shared – proving that the bond between dogs and owners is unbreakable.

[Image credit: Oli Scarff/Getty Images]