Thrifty Jewish Rapper Lil’ Dicky Enlists Fetty Wap And Rich Homie Quan For ‘$ave Dat Money’ Music Video

So how much money did Lil’ Dicky saved when he made his newest music video for his song “$ave Dat Money?”

Lil’ Dicky produced the video with no money because the song is about being thrifty. The music video followed Lil’ Dicky as he asked big house owners if he can film his music video in their mansions. Naturally, most people did not let him in but one lady allowed him to shoot his ingenious music video in her nice house.

The inventive rapper also asked other people if he could use their luxury cars and yacht for free. He went straight to a Lamborghini dealership and asked if he could use the car for 15 minutes. He visited a yacht marina and asked the owner if he could allow him to film his newest music video there explaining he is a rapper and that he wanted to create a rap video without dropping a cent.

What is more, he crashed the set of T-Pain’s “Make That S**t Work” music video shoot.

What makes his album more interesting is his collaboration with other well-known rappers in the industry like Rich Homie Quan, Fetty Wap and T-Pain.

In an exclusive interview with GQ, Lil’ Dicky said that the rappers he met “have been the most enthusiastic” about what he is doing. “I guess what I’ve found is that if you “go hard” and you’re real, you’re gonna get a lot of respect. So yeah, they love it,” he told GQ when asked about the reception he has had from the rappers.

Lil’ Dicky admitted that working with these serious rappers is “like living in a dream.”

“In the last six months, I’ve felt like I’m sitting in reality and looking at what’s going on and feeling like I’m living in a dream.”

The funny rapper then added, “Spending the day in Atlanta with Rich Homie Quan is like the most fun day ever. Two years ago if you told me that would be happening, I’d literally be sitting in my cube daydreaming about such a thing.”

Lil’ Dicky or David Burd in real life grew up in a Jewish family. He shot to fame after his music video for his song “Ex-boyfriend” went viral with over 1 million views in one day. His album, Professional Rapper, took the number one spot on Billboard’s top rap charts.

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Famous celebrities like Kevin Durant, Hannibal Buress and Sarah Silverman appeared in the rap video too.

[Image via YouTube]